4 Important Formatting Tools That Every Student Should Know

The assignments and projects are very important for every student.  These assignments and projects score almost 20-30% in the overall grading for the subjects. Sometimes the assignments grade 50 -60% and rarely do they replace the quizzes or midterm exams. Owing to the importance many students go for the professionals that can help in writing dissertation and dissertation conclusion services.

Formatting is the key part of successful assignments!

The assignment form professionals score well in the final game as they impose great importance on the proper formatting of assignments. Apart from writing these professionals provide the dissertation formatting help making it look more beautiful and appealing for the professor. The formatting is important as the assignments on accountancy for wrong formatting (, nod).  Students must know a few tools for formatting.

In today`s era, almost every student uses office software for the development of files and other assignments. The word is for the development of document files and PowerPoint for the presentation. The most important four tools for the formatting of assignments below.

Understanding these tools and implementing them in your assignments will result in good grades!

  1. Citations and Bibliography

References are an important part of every academic assignment until and unless it on imagination and self-creativity. Adding references properly is a big problem as there are different types of references. Apart from the references, some citations are most important in the essay and academic assignments (, nod). For such problems, this tool is a great help.

  • Placement

The tool is available in all versions of Microsoft and it comes from the task of Microsoft word. When you open the word at the top of screen there, is a bar having different options like home, file, referencing, mailing, and a few more for different tasks? The citation and bibliography are available in the option of referencing on the taskbar.

  • Method for using the tool

The tool has an option for the setting of referencing style. You can choose whatever style depending upon your need. You can go for Harvard, APA (different additions), Chicago, MLA, and many others. Then you can manage your sources by editing something from the option of managing sources. The sources through the option of add citation.

For adding citation, you click on the icon a dialogue box opens. You need to fill in the information like URL, name of author, date, etc. Once it`s done you can add the in-text citation at the required place and our reference is added in the system. For adding the bibliography, you go to the reference page of the document, click on the tool, and then select bibliography.

  1. Indents and Spacing

Different writing styles like the APA, Harvard, and MLA, and a few more include the indent spacing of the paragraph`s first line and hanging of references from the second line.  These are important in the formatting of the document. The tool indent and spacing provide the facility for these options in the formatting of assignments. The tool is a great help.

  • Placement

The tool in the Home option of Task Bar at the top of the screen. When you click on the home, you have a section named as a paragraph. The paragraph has options for spacing and alignment for assignments. On the down right corner, there is a downward-faced arrow. When you click on that arrow, the indents and spacing appear.

  • How to Use

The use of this option is much easier. For reference, you need to select the references and then go to this option. Afterward, you need to select the alignment, spacing, and special (hanging for references). Then click apply and all of your references become hanged inward from the second line. For paragraphs, you do the same and select the first line for intending on the first line of every paragraph.

  1. Styles

The heading, subheading, and again subheading are very complex to manage and then add to the table of contents. For solving this problem at all exist which as the styles. The styling tool provides different kinds of styles for headings and subheadings in the assignment.  The styles provide different types of headings for main headings and then subheadings.

  • Placement

The tool in the home option of the taskbar. When you click on the home, you see it in the window with paragraphs options having a different kind of style. It has headed one, heading two depending upon the type of heading, as it is the main heading or within the paragraph or subparagraph. It is an essential tool for the Table of contents.

  • How to Use;

For using, you simply need to select the heading in the document and then click on the preferred style for heading. Like if it is the first heading then it will be the heading 1 and if it is the second heading in the paragraph then it will be the heading 2 and so on. But make sure to select heading properly for Table of Contents.

  1. Sort

A sort is an amazing tool for sorting out references. For the academic assignments, it is compulsory to format the assignment properly with sorted references. The sorting happens mostly in alphabetical order and doing it manually is a very nerve-wracking process. For such problems, sorting is a highly recommended tool to use.

  • Placing

The tool in the home section of the taskbar. In the home option when you go in the paragraph section you will see a downward-faced arrow with A & Z alongside. This is the tool, for sorting out the references in the documents.

  • How to Use;

Its use is as simple as the tool itself. Just select all of the references at once and then click on the sort tool. With the sort tool, a dialogue box will appear that will ask for the ascending order or the descending order. You can select according to the requirement but mostly the ascending is required. The ascending sorting will occur after selecting ok or apply.

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