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5 bob haircuts that will rejuvenate you, INSTANTLY!

If you plan to update your look by taking years off your appearance, with these bob haircuts you will not hesitate to give the mini hair a chance.

Young brown woman with bob haircut

It is true that on point haircuts can be your best rejuvenation weapon if you choose them carefully. And when it comes to strategic looks, we can assure you that the bob haircut definitely has the Midas touch when it comes to subtracting a couple of years from our appearance . Because, although we recognize that the effect of the years is sometimes inevitable, we also agree that age is nothing more than a number that is well counteracted with great style and attitude.

Either because of its length and versatility that manages to highlight the best of each type of face and hair or, simply, because it evokes a rebellious and outgoing character, each and every one of the variants of the bob carries a stamp of youth. Get to know the bob haircut styles that make you look younger, right now!

Asymmetrical bob

Being originality and boldness one of its many qualities, the asymmetrical bob manages to project total joviality, taking a good couple of years off you. And it is that not only does it have a daring touch when going completely uneven, it also refines square or very rounded features, balancing the face completely.

Chestnut woman with asymmetrical bob haircut

Among the haircuts bob, the curtain bangs seems to settle on its own. And it is that both its length and finish provide movement and texture to the hair, making it much easier to comb it without much effort. A little mousse, texturizer or simply run your fingers between the strands will be enough to give it an effect like it has just come out of the salon.

And yes, it is precisely your casual style that helps you look younger because by saying goodbye to an overly polished appearance, you instantly subtract years.

Long curly bob

There is something about curls that can instantly rejuvenate anyone and it is combined with a long bob cut (also known as a lob ), the effect is double! The key here is to always bet on naturalness, letting each curl have its own drape and texture, almost totally rebellious.

Of course, to show it off in a totally favorable way, the length and final finish are key. The ideal is to wear it in long or slightly faded layers, since its stepped effect helps to control the size and lightness of the hair, helping you to show off a thick but not fluffy hair. On the other hand, by taking on a much more casual air, it will be perfect to say goodbye to a few years.

Chestnut woman with curly bob haircut

A fringed and curly bob haircut is a must to rejuvenate almost magically.

Bob with fringe

Sophisticated but without losing the jovial touch, this is how the bob cut with fringes shines with its remarkable French-style allure. Not for nothing has lately become the favorite of multiple celebs and the most famous it girls, either to make a dramatic change of look or to take off a few years.

And it is that this is ideal to frame and outline any type of face. All you have to do is choose the fringe that best suits your features to show it off to the fullest!

Blonde woman with bob haircut with fringe

The fringes have the exact dose of joviality and sophistication, so they are perfect to take years off of you but without losing style.

The haircuts in layers are the best allies not only to give movement, lightness and dimension to hair, I also rejuvenate! This thanks to its carefree character “hair stylist near me” that allows you to wear a much less solemn hair, especially when wearing a bob cut

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