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5 Facts to Know Before Getting Dental Implants

It’s not uncommon for people to think about getting dental implants. They’re popular, they’re pleasing, and they can help improve your smile. But before you decide to get them done, one must take some time to consider all of the benefitsof a Tijuana dentist. In this post, we’ll be discussing a few things you should know before heading in for implants!

1. They’re a permanent solution

Dental implants are permanent. They’re not for short-term use, like dentures can be. When you get dental implants done, it’s because you want them there forever! So that means if they don’t go in right or something causes them to fail, then that could mean big trouble for your smile.

So you should think about whether or not dental implants are the best option for you before getting them done! If there’s even a chance that they might be temporary, then it may not be worth investing in them at all.

2. Cost

It would work best if you also knew the cost of getting dental implants before you decide. You can expect to pay between $4000 for just an upper implant and as much as $15000+ if you’re having both your upper and lower teeth replaced.

If cost is an issue, then consider asking your dentist about financing options so that you can pay them back on a payment plan.

3. Implant Brand

When you’re thinking about a Tijuana dentist, one crucial thing to consider is the type of implant you want. There are two main types of implants- one is titanium, and the other uses a combination of titanium and ceramic. Each class has benefits that you should think about before making your decision!

Titanium Implants: Titanium dental implants can replace both single or multiple teeth, like in cases where somebody needs an implant bridge. They are often preferred because they’re strong, durable, long-lasting, and affordable.

Ceramic Implants: Ceramic implants use a combination of titanium alloy and ceramic to create a structurally sound and pleasing implant. They have the benefit of being less likely to cause irritation around your gums or mouth than metal implants.

4. Ask for before and after work done

Dental implants can be a serious investment in your oral health. But you should know that before investing so much time, money, and effort into getting them done, it’s essential to ask for proof of work! You want to make sure that the Tijuana dentist has completed several successful surgeries on patients similar to yourself- this will help ensure that the implant procedure will be a success.

It’s also essential to ask them for before, and after pictures, so you can see what kind of work they’ve done in the past. This way, you know exactly how much experience your dentist has with this type of surgery and whether or not one should believe them with their smile.

5. It’s a long process

One of thecritical things you should consider before getting dental implants is how long it takes to do them. It can take several months for your dentist to complete your implant surgery and even longer if there are any complications!

Remember, this is a long-term investment in your oral health, and if they won’t be able to give you an estimate as to when the surgery will finish, then there’s no way of knowing how long you would have to wait! If waiting isn’t an option, you might be better off looking for a dentist who can do the surgery in just one or two appointments.


If you’re considering getting dental implants, then you must ask yourself these questions before walking into the dentist’s office! Dental implants are a serious investment, and there are many factors to consider- which is why they can be such an excellent option for some people but not others.

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