5 Healthy Indian dry fruits to Keep You Warm During Winters.

During the winters, leaves fall off the trees and even sunlight is harsh. You shiver, wrap yourself in sweaters, and grab hot cups of tea all day long. Unlike those cold treats from the market, which might be packed with sugar or artificial sweeteners, here is a list of healthy Indian winter dry fruits for you to try this season.

1.    Almonds

Almonds also have a lot of protein and fiber, which lowers bad cholesterol and balances blood sugar levels, thus lowering the risk of diabetes. In winters, drink almond milk instead of water to keep hydrated, and keep your skin healthy too. You can buy dry fruits online from many portals.

They work as a coolant by reducing the feeling of the winter season. Along with this, almonds also help to remove stress as they contain magnesium and potassium, which block the receptor sites of the brain to reduce stress.

2.    Walnut

Walnut is a rich source of anti-oxidants, nutritional minerals, essential fatty acids, and many other vital nutrients. The Paleo diet, which consists of non-grain foods only, includes walnuts in the list of essential foods. Apart from being nutritious, walnuts are an excellent source of iron. Thus, walnuts can effectively treat fatigue and weakness in people who suffer from anemia (a condition in which not enough red blood cells are in circulation in the body).

Walnuts do not only help you boost your brainpower and cognitive skills, but also cure headaches and constipation. Walnut is a great source of Vitamin B1, B6, and Folate.

3.    Figs

It is a well-known fact that winters elevate your risk of catching viral infections. This is mainly because most people spend more time indoors with cold air and a lack of sunlight, which weakens the immune system. Naturally, it is advisable to do everything you can to increase your immunity during the winter months.

Figs are a very healthy fruit, rich in fiber and figs can be used to make a variety of yogurt-based dishes. Especially in the winters, a person after a substantial meal may feel a bit lethargic. In such a situation, figs come to their rescue increasing immunity.

4.    Cashew

Cashew is full of vitamin B6, manganese, copper, magnesium as well as zinc. It is great for you as it helps improve your immunity and aids in strengthening the bones, teeth, and hair. Cashew nuts are low in carbohydrates, sodium and high in fiber.

Cashew is an exquisite Indian food item. Cashew is loved by all people in all sections of society. This delicious, exotic food will change the way you regard it. Cashew is rich in vitamins A, B & C. It also contains iron & calcium in huge amounts. Some even say that cashew has magical healing powers that could help cure various ailments.

5.    Pistachios

Pistachios are nuts that offer great health benefits and protect you from many ailments. It’s a wholesome nut that can be cooked or used as an ingredient for sweet dishes like halwa.

Dry fruits provide a healthy dose of antioxidants that help fight off the damaging free radicals that can cause cancer and other diseases. These antioxidants also protect our eyes, liver, and other organs from damage. Pistachios are also good for digestion, especially when consumed to ease inflammation in the digestive tract.

They are beneficial in fighting the common cold, preventing bone loss and heart diseases. They are also a rich source of fats, protein, and carbohydrates making them a healthy snack option for weight-conscious people. They are easily available at grocery stores and bazaars in winter and all year round in most countries.

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