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5 Keys to Getting More Sales on Amazon

Amazon for 2019 will be a fierce competitor. With hundreds of sellers in all kinds of categories, selling on Amazon isn’t as straightforward as it was in the past.

However it is evident that more money is invested in Amazon than before. The sales of Amazon’s US marketplace reached more than $175 billion in the year 2018, more than 35% growth over the previous year.

Some doubt that Amazon is dying However, the 1.2 million new sellers joining Amazon in 2018 suggest that it isn’t. It’s just not the simple selling platform it once was. It’s time to think more about the way you present your products.

1. Be Optimized

The key word for 2019 will be optimization. To be able to hope of beating your competition, you must organize and manage every aspect of your list flawlessly.

If you’re not optimizing, for example, in the Amazon copy or SEO, images or PPC ads you’re leaving money in the sand.

Optimize Your Listings for Amazon SEO

The first factor you need to do to increase your profits on Amazon is to make your items more prominent on Amazon searches.

More than half of search results for products online originate from Amazon. In addition, nearly 90% of the views of products are a result of the search engines of Amazon.

It’s a fact that if someone is looking to purchase something on the internet, they’re likely to browse Amazon first. To make sales through these searches you must be among the most popular results.

If your website is more than a few Pages deep on the Search results there is no way for anyone to notice it. Amazon has released data that indicates 70% of users do not click beyond the first page of results of a search. 35% of users choose the first result and 64 percent of clicks go to the first three results.

Understanding Amazon’s Search Algorithm

To ensure that your listing of products appears high in the search results of Amazon You must first know the algorithm for ranking.

Amazon’s search feature, also known as the Amazon A9 algorithm, is the basis of search on Amazon “A9” algorithm, which determines the listing that appears at the top, and which listings are hidden.

It takes two aspects into consideration:

  • Performance
  • Relevance

If someone is searching, Amazon wants products to show up that are known for selling effectively. Therefore, your sales performance and having a track record of selling lots (and making sales from views) is an important element.

Another aspect is the degree of relevance to what your client is seeking.

How do you improve your performance? Keywords, keywords, keywords.

Your listing must demonstrate relevance to the searches, and you accomplish this by incorporating the search terms within your listings.

Prior to putting them in order, include your keywords in the following order:

  1. Your product title
  2. Search terms from the Backend
  3. Bullet points
  4. Product description

Be sure that the terms you select are related to the products you’re selling. It is possible to optimize your keywords for a keyword that has massive search volumes; however, if nobody purchases your product through those searches, then your results are likely to be mediocre.

 PPC Ads

The cheapest option for marketing through Amazon are the PPC advertisements (or Amazon Sponsored Product ads). Your ideal customers are likely already using Amazon. All you have to do is find the means to bring customers to your products and not to your competitors.

However, more and more companies are running PPC advertisements these days and it’s becoming more intense. This is why your ads need to be optimized.

If you’re managing your advertising campaigns by hand, ensure that you regularly look at which keywords bring you the highest sales at the least cost. Also, you should identify the terms that don’t generate sales, and eliminate the terms that do not generate sales.

In the present, you are able to make targeted ASINs through sponsored product advertisements. It’s crucial to look into this option as well, as it can result in an increase in sales as well as the loss of your competitors’.

In the end it is important to keep trying out and tweaking your campaigns in order to maximize your profits and save money. You might also look into making use of the Amazon PPC management software or service.

2. Focus on the Customer

While you’re focusing on improving, keep track of one crucial aspect. It is essential to optimize for your customers as well.

It’s possible to know that the Amazon algorithm is awestruck by your listing and ranks it high in the search results for your keywords. However, real buyers must decide to purchase your product.

If your website is chaotic with keywords, or your photos aren’t clear, nobody is likely to purchase. It’s that simple.

Furthermore, Amazon in 2019 is becoming more focused on customer experience. Amazon hopes that customers will enjoy shopping on their website. That’s why they’re determined to go after reviews that are fake or fraudulent and any other thing that makes people doubt Amazon.

If you have customers who frequently leave negative reviews of you or you’re having difficulty meeting the expectations of your customers You could be in trouble with Amazon.

In addition it doesn’t improve the impression that customers get of your company.

Giving customer satisfaction the top priority will give customers the satisfaction of buying your products, which results in higher reviews, more favorable reviews, and higher sales over the long term. Do not underestimate the importance that customer support has on your business. So always know how to get more reviews on amazon.

3. Differentiate Your Products from the Competition

If you don’t find an untapped area You can anticipate competing against companies who have a proven track record of sales.

Then why should someone buy your product instead of others?

You must give your customers an advantage.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to go through reviews of products. Reviews are a great resource of data. They’re basically a client who will share what they liked and didn’t like about the product.

Before launching your product, you should read reviews of other products within the same category. If you can find a typical problem, it’s an excellent way to differentiate your product.

Also, quality and cost can make a difference. When you find affordable, reliable suppliers, you can offer better quality products at a lower cost.

A reliable china sourcing agency can make a big difference to your bottom line. It will also enable you to sell your goods at a cost which your competition cannot afford to compete with.

4. Drive Traffic to Your Listings

Traffic on Amazon is crucial. I’m not saying that, but it’s true.

If you’re looking to have an edge over competitors it is important to be focusing on capturing traffic off Amazon also.

There are many reasons that external traffic could be gold.

In the first place you’ll have the chance to get your product in front of potential customers. There are no sponsored product ads on other Amazon products and you don’t have to wait for customers to search for your product and locate your company.

It is your responsibility to present your product to the consumer. It opens up a larger customer base.

Amazon is delighted when you offer them your customers. Many sellers notice that the listings that receive lots of traffic from outside have higher rankings on Amazon.

Additionally, because you’re not bound by Amazon external traffic, it allows you to expand your business in ways that Amazon couldn’t do on Amazon by itself. The process of creating a brand is among the best methods to set up your Amazon store to ensure long-term success with the increasing competition.

But the traffic you drive yourself could be costly when you don’t know how to drive effectively. There are some things to consider to ensure that you benefit from advertising campaigns for traffic from outside.

5. Build an Audience

Another reason that external traffic is so efficient is because it permits you to achieve something that’s not possible on Amazon.

Building an audience.

Be aware that if someone purchases through you via Amazon it’s not your client.

They’re Amazon’s customers.

Amazon protects its customers with great force. They don’t want sellers selling directly to them. thereby cutting off Amazon and their charges.

If you try to reach out to your customers on Amazon without Amazon’s consent, you’re likely to face serious consequences and could get your account banned or suspended.

However, there’s a way to avoid this! Through driving traffic from outside it gives you the chance to control your clients.

Retargeting and collecting contact data prior to the time a customer is redirected to Amazon permits you to advertise to your customers in a different way completely legal.

Another major reason to make use of an online landing page. If you direct a potential customer straight to Amazon and then you’re not giving them the chance to record the information of your customer.

When you are on an online landing page, it is possible to give incentives, for instance discounts or promo codes, or a free piece of content to encourage users to join your mailing list.

You can also collect information about people who visited your site but didn’t go to Amazon to keep them engaged until they buy.

There are many ways to build an online audience for your shop.

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