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5 Packing & Moving Tips To Make Relocating A Breeze!

Moving or relocating your home is not easy. It can get stressful and tiring, but the right approach will help you make the transition smoothly. Packing all your belongings into different boxes can be taxing; however, refrain from packing your belonging incorrectly and save yourself a lot more effort.

Here are the five essential tips for packing the moving boxes in Sydney to save your time and effort. These tips cover everything, right from choosing the packaging boxes to labelling the boxes carefully and everything in between. Following them will help keep your items secure and protected, making your move a lot more convenient.

1. Choose the Right Packaging Boxes

A diverse range of packaging boxes is available to pack your belongings and move to your new house or store them in self storage in Sydney. It is vital to select the right boxes for packing your items.

The different packing boxes in Sydney include:

  • Tea chest cartons – Ideal for light, bulky items, such as clothing, plastic ware etc.
  • Crystal carton – For packing sizeable delicate items and figurines.
  • Book carton – For packing books.
  • Archive carton – Perfect for packing documents, magazines and DVDs.
  • Port-a-robe – For hanging clothing, including dresses, shirts, trousers, pants and jackets.
  • Picture/ mirror carton – Ideal for storing mirrors, mirrored artwork, framed prints and paintings.
  • Monitor carton – For packing your television or computer monitor.
  • Flat-pack carton – Helps you to pack long items conveniently.
  • Wine carton – Perfect for storing up to twelve bottles of wine.
  • Golf/ tool carton – Protects golf bag.

When planning for a move, get prepared with the right size packaging boxes so that you get the peace of mind that comes from increasing the protection of your goods.

3. Safeguard Your Breakables

Don’t store your delicate items in an unpadded cardboard box! If you do, expect some breakage. Be ready to handle your prized possessions with care, using the correct packing materials, including:

  • Glass socks
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Poly-foam

A single or double layer of protective material will ensure your items reach your new home or self storage in one piece.

3. Avoid Over-Packing of Boxes

Don’t overload your boxes to minimise the packing time and reduce the number of moving boxes you need to carry! If you do, it will make the boxes heavier and difficult to manoeuvre and often result in the bottom of your box breaking and spilling your goods all over the place. It can be a house-moving nightmare! Therefore, it is vital to pack the boxes carefully as per the weight and use more boxes as required – your back will thank you.

4. Label the Boxes

Make your work easier by labelling the boxes by contents, room and importance. Label a box with little specific details – for instance, ‘Kitchen–Cutlery–Unpack First’. It will ensure you are not searching through all of your moving boxes for a knife and fork so that you and your family members can eat the delectable takeaway you have ordered right after the move.

5. Stack Cautiously

Put heavier items at the bottom of a box and lighter items on top to avert damage caused by banging. Accordingly, place books and other heavier items first, then place toys. Keep delicate and fragile items separately altogether.

Follow the above tips for packing boxes correctly and experience a smooth transition of your belongings when moving into your new house!

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