5 Qualities possessed by every famous lawyer in India

5 Qualities possessed by every famous lawyer in India: Law as a career is flourishing and has become quite popular among students in recent times. If you are a law aspirant and preparing for the CLAT exam, then you can complete your preparation with our CLAT Classes available on our website. But, practising it requires some core skills and characteristics to develop a successful career. As a lawyer, you need to be creative, analytical and persuasive. Till a few years back, lawyers needed specific traits and skills to advance in their career, but the current generation is super-fast and adaptive and can easily develop the required skills in the shortest possible time. Every famous lawyer has certain qualities that will come in handy for you.

Students who have a good academic background, the right skills and knowledge can do wonders in the field of law. The following are important skills required to be a famous lawyer in India for those preparing to venture into the legal profession:

Good Communication and Negotiation Skills

Lawyers must be articulate orally, have good written communication skills and be keen listeners. Good public speaking is very important for a courtroom debate. Students, while pursuing a law degree, must participate in various activities such as debates, public speeches, youth parliaments and various other competitions to develop these skills. Also, lawyers must excel in written communication and know how to write clearly, concisely and persuasively as they have to present various legal documents.


A lawyer must know how to draw reasonable and logical conclusions from the limited information provided. One must know how to critically anticipate these decisions and analyze potential areas of weakness in a way that is beneficial for your case and in your client’s favour. Likewise, you should know how to recognize the weak points in an opposition’s argument.

Analytical Skills

If you aspire to be a good lawyer, you must have the ability to absorb vast amounts of information and analyze it from all perspectives. They should have the quality of analytical thinking and should see the matter from the point of view of the prosecutor and vice versa. Sometimes, there may be one or more reasonable conclusions to resolve a situation.

Therefore, a lawyer must have appraisal skills to be able to choose the most suitable one from the available options.

Research Skills

Another most important skill required to become a good lawyer is the ability to quickly and effectively research clients, understand their needs, and then formulate their legal strategy.

Formulating legal strategies requires absorbing and evaluating large amounts of information, then taking them into account and converting them into something manageable and useful that protects the interests of the client.

People Skills

Legal work is always customer-centric. No matter how well someone has done academically, they need people to work with. They will probably have to make decisions on behalf of someone’s life that can affect their life in many ways. A lawyer should be a people person, should be persuasive and should be able to read/judge others easily in the shortest possible time.

As part of people skills, being polite to people around including staff members and genuinely interested in meeting and getting to know people. This doesn’t mean the conversation has to be overly personal. This allows them to decide and take the best approach to achieve the desired result.


“Purity, patience and perseverance are the three essentials for success and above all, love.” – Swami Vivekananda

Studying to become a lawyer also requires a lot of dedication, patience and commitment. A lawyer has to spend day and night preparing a case, as they spend a lot of time doing research, preparing documents and interviewing witnesses. While working on a case, a lawyer must have the perseverance to carry out the work required for successful completion of it.

Emotional Intelligence

Lawyers must be emotionally intelligent. They should know how to manage their emotions in the best possible way at the right time. It is possible that sometimes lawyers become emotionally attached to a particular case, but they need to learn to treat all clients equally. It is good to be sympathetic towards the client, but emotional attachment can lead to bias in the matter. Learning to deal with the emotions surrounding clients and coworkers can help develop this skill and make you a successful lawyer.

After studying law, there are many other opportunities available that can fulfil a variety of roles, and you can join anyone that meets your interest. However, one should always back up their education and knowledge with the right skills to make the most of this career option.

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