7 clean embroidery tricks that make you a professional tailor

Professional tailoring has many details. Observance of these micro-points depends on the expertise and experience of each person in this profession. You can learn to sew in a short time, but you will never become a popular and professional tailor without paying attention to the details of sewing and dosing. This is why professionals in the profession place more emphasis on clean embroidery than anything else. Join us as an artist in this article to introduce you to these simple but practical tricks.

1- Pay attention to measurement in sewing, be obsessive in the first step

Most people think that the clean embroidery process is done after cutting the fabric and starting sewing. But in fact, it is the beginning of a clean embroidery when measuring with a meter. Without accurate measurements, proper patterns, and regular cuts, you can never have a flawless dress. The importance of measurement in sewing is so great that even in a sewing school, most time and rigor is spent teaching this step.

Another process that can make you an accurate and professional tailor and pave the way for clean embroidery in the most difficult patterns for you, is the successful passage of the thin embroidery stage. This step is one of the basic sewing tutorials that have a direct impact on your future career.

2- Using the best sewing supplies, clean embroidery with standard weapons

Eliminating small mistakes in all areas of life can prevent a big mistake. Sewing is no exception to this rule. If you solve small problems and challenges correctly from the beginning, you will not get confused in complex steps. One of the seemingly small issues that have a direct impact on the clean embroidery process is the use of the right tools.

Remember that if you want to be known as a professional tailor, you must also have professional tools. Slow scissors, needles of inappropriate size, and poor-quality fabrics can ultimately affect the quality of your work. This is where no matter how hard you try at the sewing stage, the result will not be what you want.

3- Learn how to sew seams in clothes professionally

If you are learning to sew, how to sew seams is the first thing a tailoring instructor will look at in your clothes. Embroidered and embroidered seams show your taste and interest in tailoring and can turn you into a professional tailor.

In addition, weaving and sewing oblique ribbons is one of the most important sewing lessons that is especially emphasized in teaching manto embroidery to students. Observing these points in sewing seams will make the clothes look regular and professional.

4- Paying attention to the interior of the dress, one of the professional sewing tricks

Sometimes the appearance of the sewn dress is acceptable and fits the customers taste, however, the interior of the dress is slutty, not lined and without a cover, the seams are suitable. Do not forget that as much as the appearance of the clothes is attractive to customers, the cleanliness of the interior is also important to them. Because they have paid you for the final product and they expect full service.

Even if the design of the dress is unique and wonderful, not paying attention to the messy look inside it, introduces you as a slut tailor. A tailor who, despite his expertise, ignores the appearance of his clothes and the complete satisfaction of his customer.

5- Familiarity with the types of pads suitable for fabrics, your trump card in cleaning

The clean embroidery and the final shape of the garment are so important that over time, many sewing tools have come on the market to solve many problems, such as the well-formed fabric. Fabric pads are one of the most important accessories that can be your savior. There are different types of pads and they play a big role in creating the consistency of the fabric and finally the beautiful shape of the clothes.

The only thing you need to pay attention to when using pads is to know the right fabric for them. The pad is usually used to shape the sleeves, buttons, and collar.

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