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7 things you must do with a brand new laptop

Getting a brand new laptop and not updating it is a mistake. But a bigger question is if its necessary to check on overall essential factors when you buy a new laptop. Well, the answer is simple if not very clear. Even with brand new laptops, you got to check every minor detail, in fact set up the device following some important steps. If you don’t really have any major idea about it, we have mentioned seven things that you must do with your newest laptop.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Apps or Programs

A lot of unwanted and unusable apps or programs come preloaded within a new laptop. Many of us don’t even know some of the apps that are always present in the laptop, and we don’t even use it. This leads to the system being slowed down after a while and may make it full of minor lags. To erase this kind of problematic probability, all you need to do it uninstall the unwanted programs, files or applications.

From the Start menu, go to Control Panel > Uninstall a Program/app > Select App > Uninstall. After following the uninstalling steps, just move it to trash or recycle bin.

  1. Updating Driver and Warranty Registration

Some new laptops may start having manufcat6uring issues or default troubles. In this case, the problem may be easily solved with installing all the drivers. The right drivers will help perform all the necessary functionalities without causing any further problem. Instead of going straight to the manufacturer, you can download drivers from the manufacturer site. In addition, getting warranty registration will save you from spending any extra cash due to default defects.

  1. Update Operating System

Mostly new laptops don’t come installed with the latest version of operating system. In order to get the advanced interface and great speed, you must have the updated operating system. If your PC or laptop doesn’t have the latest OS, your apps or software apps might consume more sources from the system background.

Its important to check the Windows update online and follow the steps to get the latest version OS. However, in the case where you do not get notified for the upgrade, you can do it yourself by visiting the official Microsoft website. This will not only help enhance your windows speed, but the overall system experience will be boosted.

  1. Overview Window Defender

The security of your Windows is very important and for witnessing the best system health, you must review Windows Defender’s status. To do this, just select the Windows Security icon from the Start menu and check how many icons are green or red. If everything you see is labelled with the green symbol, it means that every operation is working fine. But, if anything is red, you need to fix the issues and look into the depth to solve them.

  1. Optimize Laptop Settings

 It’s essential that your laptop is set to the settings which are best suited and perfect for you to regulate every day. The first thing to optimize has to be the power settings which means that it will eventually maximize your system’s battery life. One of the important things to do here is reducing display brightness and turn on the power saver mode. This will also help the laptop to take lesser power and get used meaningfully. Plus, you should not lessen screen brightness to an extent that your eyes or head get any strain.

  1. Customize and Personalize

Well, this is definitely exciting, but some users don’t really prefer doing it. As soon as you get your brand new laptop, you must always personalize every setting according to your preference. For example, changing the system background to colours and icon styles can be done depending on you. There are multiple visually appealing themes also present on both Windows and Mac, so you can choose between them.

  1. Automated Backup Configuration

There should always be a backup plan for your device whether it’s your laptop, mobile or desktop PC. To automate the backup, you must setup a backup plan as soon as you get a new laptop. There isn’t much time taken when the laptop gets fully loaded with the programs, files, and important documents. In case of accidental loss, or laptop damage you may lose all your data every quickly. To save your laptop for any of this mishap, you should always configure automated backup on your system.

  1. Install the most Useful and favourite Apps

Who doesn’t like having their desirable apps in their brand new laptop? But most people get into other fuss before doing anything else. Installing your favourite and preferrable applications after getting a new windows laptop can be a bliss. You must always explore the best apps on the Play store to get the best entertainment as well as meaningful experience from your laptop. Our suggestion would be to download the apps from the developer’s site because any untrusted platform will only destroy your device.

Bottom Line – Brand New Laptop

There are a lot more things that you can do whenever you buy a new laptop. We have mentioned top eight actions that you can perform when you have just bought a laptop. This also include laptops that you have upgraded entirely or a brand-new laptop that you exclusively purchased. If you have been surfing for some of the best laptops and Notebooks, you can have a look at the official Laptop Outlet store online in the UK.

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