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8 Ideas For A Perfect Virtual Birthday Party Planning

How will you organize a party virtually? As all of the people are available at different places, you need to do proper planning so that the birthday party for the special person goes in the right direction. For your help, here are some great planning tips that you can follow to surprise your loved ones, even when they are not around. 

Check out the tips here!

1. Gathering resources from friends and family

First, you have to ask your friends, face-to-face, if they wouldn’t mind sending you a picture of them with their favorite thing in the world at that time.

And if they can’t or won’t do that, there are still plenty of other ways for people to show their love and support. If you’re lucky enough to have friends who are active on social media, you can give them even more opportunities to show their love.

If a friend is going to be in town while the party is happening, ask them for a flower bouquet delivery kl or to pick up a helium balloon or two from any local grocery store, and send you a picture of the balloons with your birthday present. It seems like something that’s easy to forget, but if your friend is in town they’ll probably appreciate the reminder.

2. Gather resources from unknown people

Once again, asking friends who are active on social media for extra birthday support makes it easy to get the word out quickly about a virtual party.

You can make it clear in your post that you only need people to leave a comment, but you can still tag all your friends who are likely to see it.

And if you’re lucky enough to have even more friends who are active on Twitter or Tumblr, that’s yet another way for them to help with birthday wishes.

3. A virtual party is not about presents

It might be really nice if your birthday messages included wishes for presents, but the point of this party is not to focus on what you’ll get.

So make sure it’s very clear in your post that the virtual party is about enjoying life and having fun during this special time, not about buying expensive things. There are plenty of other days during the year to worry about gifts, and your birthday is definitely not one of those days.

4. Don’t be shy to ask for small presents

If you want a special treat on your birthday with birthday gift delivery Selangor, it’s okay to say so! But if you do let people know what present you’d like most, try to keep the message light and fun, not too demanding.

Something like, “It would be nice if you could send a birthday message to my inbox, but even still I will love and accept you on this day and every other!” is perfect.

You can also ask for presents by tagging people who make cool things, like artists or writers. Anything from a drawing of your favorite character to a fic about your favorite ship is an awesome birthday present.

5. Make plans to get together on another day

When you say your virtual party is just for people in [your town], it might be because you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of arranging to meet up with all your friends who are traveling for the occasion.

Even if you can’t manage to see them during the birthday party, however, there’s no reason why you can’t plan something extra special for another day!

6. Don’t feel pressured to reveal your age

When people are sharing things on social media, they usually tag their posts with their exact age. This is fine if you want everyone to know, but it might be weird if you don’t.

If your friends are asking for your age in comments without tagging you, feel free to give them a roundabout answer that still keeps some things private. 

7. Don’t forget about yourself

Make sure to take some time out of the day to do what you want to do! A virtual party can easily become all about getting flower delivery kl, wishes, and presents, so it’s important to have at least a little bit of time where you get to be the center of attention.

8. Virtual birthday parties can be super fun

The idea of arranging a virtual birthday party might not sound that great at first, but once you’ve gotten into it you’ll probably love it.

You might even discover that your close friends are much more involved than you thought they would be. And the best thing is that after this one day, all your social media accounts can go back to being about your life, not just your birthday. You can bring fun to the virtual birthday parties. 

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