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8 Reasons You Are Still At Social Media Marketing Agency

You’ve probably heard by now that social media is now the number one way to attract new customers, grow your business, and that content is important. But even if you’ve heard all that, you’re still an amateur in social media marketing agency in India.

If you are still an amateur at social media marketing in India, it’s not too late to turn pro. With the popularity of social media, there are a lot of tools available to help you plan and execute your social media marketing campaigns.

Digitally Global says that “a change in approach will help you become a pro at social media marketing and help you reap the rewards”.

Social Media Marketing Is Not a New Thing, So What Makes You An Amateur?

The “amateur” that they’re talking about is someone who has just started out with their social media marketing agency in India, joining only last week or a month ago, usually after seeing a lot of advertisements around them and hearing from their friends about how great the job is.

  1. Lack of clear understanding and strategy in social media.
  2. No strategy to get your brand on Google +
  3. Lack of data and analytics in First In/First Out
  4. Not enough time and focus
  5. This is  still operating in a one-channel mindset
  6. You are not taking advantage of the tools to find where people are
  7. You are not getting enough reactions or feedback from your posts
  8. Your content is too promotional, which is why people don’t engage with it.

Social Media Marketing

The Four Tiers Of Social Media Marketing: Which Tier Are You In?

This is a very basic outline of the four tiers of social media marketing, and it will help you understand which tier you are currently in.

Tier 1: Beginner

You have just created your page on Facebook or Instagram, and are engaging with followers and friends.

The number of likes, comments, follows, etc. that you have does not yet reflect how many true fans/followers there are (meaning they will eventually).

Tier 2: Intermediate

You have gained more followers, likes, comments, etc. than you had before you started social media marketing. This may or may not help bring in more sales or engagement on the platforms where they originally came from (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

You are still struggling to find relevance and gain a following for your page.

Tier 3: Advanced

You have gained a strong following, both on and off the platforms where they originally came from. You use social media for branding, rather than naturally gaining followers/likes/comments.

There is an outline or plan in place to help you make money from your social media presence.

Tier 4: Master

You are earning money from your social media presence, whether it’s through direct sales, affiliate sales, commission on product sales, or some other way.

Your posts are targeted to help reach out to a certain demographic (e.g. women in their 30s), and you are targeting this group with content that they want to see.


The world of social media marketing is constantly changing. As a marketer, you need to be on top of your game to keep up with these changes, otherwise, you will fall behind. It is just another way to market your business, and it should be an important part of your marketing strategy.

If you have been stalling social media marketing into your business, you are only one step away from progressing. If you are an amateur in social media marketing, hiring a professional social media marketing agency in India can help you expand your business.

Social media marketing is dynamic and evolving. Are you evolving with it? If not, contact us for any kind of help.

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