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8 Things You Should Know About Organizing a Group Skiing Trip

Planning a group skiing trip can be scary – people want different things from their ski weekend?

Some want a first pass, off-piste directions, and a sandwich for lunch. Others are happy to have climbed the mountain to run before a long lunch and then go skiing.

Anyone who has voluntarily (or forcibly) done a group tour knows how difficult it can be.

We have been organizing ski trips for groups of all sizes for over 20 years, so we know how much work costs.

Here is a list of things you should know about organizing group and business travel.

1. Choose your details carefully

If you are considering a larger group trip, you should choose a date (or rather a possible date option) that is suitable for all members of your group as this could be one of the most important factors.

The earlier these important decisions are made, the better the price and availability will be.

Remember to include holidays for each country! Avoid the UK half-life, of course. France sends most of its youngest population on the snow in February, while Italy and Switzerland have a special weekend to avoid for various carnivals and religious holidays.

If you want the best price in the high season, January is the best time and the first month of January is the best. But seasonal beer has great deals for Christmas or April. I often wonder which homes would fit your budget for this time of year!

March is always popular on weekend trips, but you have to work on some European holidays. These are usually Easter related, so go year after year. Also expect higher prices than in January.

Another great way to maximize value is to snow during the week and avoid people on the weekends. This can open up a world of accommodation and offers not available on weekends. For example, can your group travel from Sunday to Wednesday?

2. Establish a budget

It is important to have a good idea of ​​how much you want to spend. no one on this trip before deciding where to go and which hotel to stay at.

There are options for every budget, but it’s your choices that set the goals that work and more.

When you have an idea for consumption, we can recommend resorts and accommodations that are best suited to your group and offer the best value for money (and destinations to forget).

3. The goal is an important decision

Then choose your travel destination that offers certain travel features. Decisions 1 and 2 can be largely determined.

It pays to know your guests’ skills and make a realistic assessment of what you really need for a short vacation.

Chamonix, for example, can usually be left off the list of larger groups with different abilities, although many people initially think of a short break as Red Bull is not sponsored by any of your groups and is a logistical nightmare. (if your group does not exist). in search of higher adventures).

Each year the chief can go to Méribel or Val D’Isère for their weekly family holidays and recommend one of these locations, but no more than 300km of trails are needed in Les Trois Vallées or Espace Killys in just two days. . To ski.

Little-known resorts like Courmayeur and Engelberg are perfect for a short group holiday with fast transfers and compact but varied ski areas to suit all tastes and meet the whole company for lunch, whether you’re new to the slopes or more of a skier. Tomorrow in the Alps!

4. Choose the best mode of transportation for your group

When you work for a large company, the transportation options for the ski trip change.

To be able to work during a short break, you need to fly realistically. We recommend that you travel with Swiss Airlines if you bring your own equipment. You take them with you for free – that’s why they can be called “Skiers’ Airlines”.

The next challenge is getting to the resort from the airport.

Forget renting cars, trains and buses you might be thinking about traveling. Private transfers can be expensive for some, but if you have a decent group they are a budget option and really the only sensible way to bring them together.

An important variable that is sometimes overlooked is how much energy your group is willing (or able) to invest in the exact journey. We have all seen it. Travel fatigue is real.

Minimizing free time and traveling after work can be popular, but be prepared for late arrivals at the resort. Take a free afternoon so you can eat pizza in time for Thursday afternoon and be ready for skiing on the first Friday morning.

Even last Sunday, people often want to go home and ski all day. But is it worth asking whether people are in a good position for skiing on Sundays? If so, are you ready to go home? Maybe a half day of skiing and being home to perform with your relatives, or just a morning flight and a leisurely lunch are the way to go. This will avoid delays in the past.

It all depends on the attitude your group wants to take and the state you want to go home to.

5. Make sure you choose your accommodation

Who wouldn’t love a hot breakfast waiting for you without lifting a finger? The dishes will go away. Light the fire by yourself. Private bar, you say? Bath. Sauna. And ski in the living room! Everything to enjoy depends on your budget.

Whether you are in a group of three or more, like the Roman Falang, your accommodation still needs the same facilities and you are generally considered a hotel.

The chalets and apartments are usually rented on a weekly basis, so they are not suitable for shorter trips. If you know the exact number of beds you need, you get great value for money in a cabin or apartment. However, if your group size isn’t fixed and you need flexibility to book, hotels are the only option.

6. Sort your things

Push large, heavy packages through the terminals. Pay airline surcharges to bring skis / snowboards. Installation of skis and tables in rental vehicles or transfer buses. Bring your equipment from the hotel to the slopes.

These are probably the main reasons why ski resorts across Europe offer high quality ski equipment at affordable rental prices, often for storage on the slopes. In all honesty, only the next professional should give his equipment. All ski / board styles are covered.

When people aren’t sure which style to rent, go for all-mountain equipment. The skis or board are wide enough to swim in fresh snow (so there is magic snow) but also wide enough to have fun on steep slopes or weird sweaters.

Equipment rental can change at any time during your stay, so don’t spend too much time on it.

Do you need more advice? Here are some of my tips on how to bluff your choice of pro equipment, and here’s a guide on how to buy or rent skis.

7. There are many recreational opportunities

Most resorts have many restaurants, bars and clubs for skiing and a long afternoon with dinner and drinks.

However, if you are looking for a specific activity such as spa tours, dog sledding, sledding or glacier tours, make sure they are available at your resort and that your accommodation is easily accessible and affordable.

If you enjoy off-road activities, your destination and dates will automatically reveal your entertainment preferences. Everyone should carry the best ski boots with them while skiing. This helps to get a premium level of performance.

8. Put it all together

If you consider all of the above; So here are the things you need to do.

List the people in your group who are ready to make a deposit and get an idea of ​​how much they are willing to spend

Find appointments anyone can make, giving you the flexibility to get the right quote

Choose the destination that best suits your needs based on our advice above on what’s feasible and right for you

Choose accommodation and transportation according to your budget and needs

In large groups, it may be nearly impossible for everyone to have fun, so don’t try. And don’t let too many chefs spoil your broth; Keep the decision group as small as possible.

From there, he juggles diagrams, connections, and declarations. Excel spreadsheets are friends. I have a table for every important trip. Eliminate the stress of keeping all cables running and taking care of your finances.

Do you need help?

Whether it’s for business, leisure or something in between, we have in-depth local knowledge so that you can reach your destination as quickly as possible within your travel environment. If you have special needs, need private meeting rooms for large groups or want to manage your ski equipment at your destination, we will make sure you find what you need.

Contact our multilingual team and we will help you organize a group ski trip that no one will forget.


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