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9 Benefits of Blackout Blinds

9 Benefits of Blackout Blinds

It is no mystery that blackout blinds are becoming more and more popular. These darkening shades offer benefits such as energy savings, noise reduction, and protection from harmful UV rays while also increasing the level of comfort within a room. Blackout blinds come in many different styles and some even come with several other helpful features. Making them one of the most beneficial window coverings on the market today. Here we will take a look at 10 of these benefits:

1. Noise Reduction

The very first benefit that comes to mind when it comes down to blackout blinds is noise reduction. Although they will reduce both outside noise and inside noise. Their ability to block out external sounds is especially beneficial for those looking for relief from loud neighbors, traffic, barking dogs, and even loud roommates.

2. Energy Savings

Blackout blinds are proven to help reduce energy costs by keeping drafts out of the home or workplace. This is because they are able to prevent heat from escaping during the winter months as well as keep it inside during the summer months. Along with this, their light-blocking abilities save electricity because less light will pass through them which means you can turn off your lights without being bothered by outside light that seeps into the room.

3. UV Protection

Blackout blinds are also great for protecting your home or office from harmful UV rays. Although all types of window coverings offer some level of protection against these rays they compare to blackout blinds. Which can offer up to 99% long-term UV protection. This means you can rest assured knowing that your belongings and family members are protected from the sun’s harmful rays which could cause both short and long-term damage.

4. Easy Installation

As far as window coverings go blackout blinds are fairly easy to install and do not require any extra tools or effort on your part. Not only can they be installed with ease but once set into place. They will provide years of comfort and protection without ever needing maintenance.

5. Child Safe

Blackout blinds are safe for children as well as pets because they keep them safely inside. During the summer months while also preventing anyone from outside from seeing inside while looking in. Although there is some limited natural light allowed to pass through them. This means that children will be safe from outside dangers such as strangers, wild animals, or even harsh sunlight.

6. Home Security

Along with safety blackout blinds can also increase your home’s security because they are able to block the view of would-be thieves. This is why blinds are often covered by drapes or curtains so anyone looking in cannot see what you have inside.

7. Privacy

Privacy is one of the greatest benefits blackout blinds offer. Not only do they keep people on the outside where they belong but some also come complete with special features designed specifically for total privacy. These types of shades include sheer panels, decorative fabrics and some actually allow you to rotate each slat to your desired position.

8. Beauty

Another benefit blackout blinds offer is that they can add character and beauty to any room. Creating a more comfortable and luxurious feel. Not only this but blackout blinds come in a variety of designs and colors so you can easily find one that matches the decor of your home or office while also protecting it from outside dangers.

9. Allergy Protection

It was once suggested that keeping windows closed would help protect those who suffer from allergies. But recent studies have proven the opposite to be true. Since blackouts shades let in filtered light they can actually reduce allergy-causing particles such as pollen, dust, and pet dander because these items cannot get through them. As an added bonus with some blackout blinds. You can raise them to let in fresh air while still being protected from harmful elements.

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