9 Benefits of using Facebook Marketing for your Business

Did you think that social media marketing does not produce results? Or is it that Facebook advertising is not worth it due to the evolution of social media platforms?

You might be wrong. Here are 10 reasons Facebook ads should be part of your marketing mix.

  1. Reach large audiences

Facebook is without doubt the most popular social media platform for advertisers. A study reported that Facebook had over 2.6 billion users as of July 2020. This is more than any other social network platform, and may even surpass Google search users.

Facebook’s audience isn’t just large but covers many different demographic groups. The older age groups are the most active on Facebook.


  1. Alignment with both B2C- and B2B companies

Facebook advertising is not available to B2C businesses, as you may have heard. You will be amazed at the success of B2B campaigns on Facebook. Facebook is used by 74% of business decision-makers more than any other person.

B2B is competitive. This means that B2B marketers must be aggressive in using Facebook. It is easy to forget that a target for B2B business does not cease being a person after they leave the office.


  1. Multiple ways to engage with full-funnel targeting

Facebook, perhaps of all the digital platforms available, is the one that most effectively serves users at every stage of their engagement journey.

It’s useful for users who are in the early stages of the funnel, browsing casually, and starting to research. Sponsored Facebook Stories, video ads, and carousel advertisements are great ways to get someone’s attention without being too direct.


  1. Transparency

Although some programmatic networks may offer similar audience targeting capabilities to Facebook, Facebook’s reach is quite transparent.

Your company can exercise a high degree of control over the audience it targets by allowing them to choose themselves.


  1. Psychographic targeting

Facebook’s targeting capabilities extend far beyond demographics. Demographics are becoming a poor predictor of a person’s lifestyle and purchasing needs.

Facebook’s targeting capabilities enable targeting by a wide variety of lifestyle characteristics such as hobbies, life events, and behaviors.


  1. Competitors targeting

You won’t find many solutions that will enable you to target your competitors’ audience. This is based on user-reported data. It may not reflect current information, since it depends on when a user last updated their settings.

This strategy can still be effective, particularly if it is used on a large scale. One can quickly reach thousands of people by creating a custom audience with users who are interested in more than 20 well-known brands.


  1. There are many ad formats

Facebook is the leader in social media platforms for its 10 Facebook Ad formats. There are several options for each stage of the target market funnel. Image and video ads are the most popular.

You should know that nearly all ad formats include text and visual elements. This allows you to describe and showcase your company.

User-generated content, on the other hand, is natural and people are less likely to be defensive if they view it.


  1. Directly drive traffic to your site

Many of Facebook’s Adoptions offer the opportunity to drive referral traffic for your business website, as mentioned above.

Facebook is a popular social network that users open with the intent of browsing its content. If your ad is engaging and your targeting is relevant, users will leave Facebook to land on your website.

  1. Measurable performance

Although it might seem obvious, Facebook allows you to report on many metrics. Many metrics can be used depending on the ad format.

Facebook, however, relies on your pixels to optimize campaigns automatically. Facebook cannot focus on user profiles that convert the most and will continue serving ads to the same users throughout the campaign without it.

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