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9 Reasons to Use Rugs in Your Modern Home

A sharp look from the past that is still fresh and up-to-date! Mid-century modern design has been making a comeback for the past few years. This style is characterized by clean lines, warm wood furniture, and chic decorations. In recent years, the mid-century style has become one of the most popular decorating styles, with its retro sensibilities and sleek, modern appeal. Do you want to restyle your home in a mid-century modern style but don’t know where to start? Well, the first step is rugs. The rugs can set the tone for your whole room. Rugs can be used as decoration, or they can be functional – either way, they’ll help give your home that mid-century feel in no time! This post will discuss how to use rugs when decorating in a mid-century style and what rugs best suit this type of décor.

Shags and Fringes

The key to decorating your home in mid-century style with rugs is giving it a shaggy, vintage feel. Large fringed or shag area rugs are perfect for this type of décor because they have that soft, inviting quality that you want from the 1950s. Plus, these types of rugs tend to be large and will give your whole room a layered look that has the potential to make it feel cozy. You can go for the best shag rugs or choose a rug with a shorter pile to get that layered look.

Layered Rugs For Floor, Wall and Table Decorations

Shag rugs are not the only ones you can use when attempting to style your home in mid-century modern decorating ideas with rugs. Layered area rugs work great for this type of décor because they tend to be large and give a room that layered look. You can layer different types of rugs such as shag, flat weave, and patterned ones. Choose from a variety of shapes when layering the rugs. You can layer different shapes, sizes, patterns, and even colors. A mix of layers provides the entire home with a mid-century modern feeling. A room can gain instant personality by adding rugs in colors, designs, and patterns that match your furniture and décor styles.

Patterns and Stripes

Mid-century modern decorating ideas with rugs aren’t all about shag. However, they also blend in patterns fairly well! If you want to add some pattern into your mid-century décor while staying on budget, consider adding a couple of pattern rugs to your home. Stripes and tartans are both popular patterns that fit well into the mid-century home. The contemporary patterns will work great in creating a timeless modern home. Mix patterns to create a unique and modern décor.

Classic Geometric Designs

When you are planning your mid-century style home decor, rugs with geometric designs will help influence the room’s aesthetic around it. These types of carpets look great when they have bright colors and bold lines. They can also help add to the room’s style and design. To make your mid-century home aesthetically pleasing, it is important to pair geometric designs with other patterns such as florals or tartans. By doing this, you can create a modern aesthetic that will look great in any space of your house. For example, if you have bold lines on your carpet, adding a flower-patterned blanket or pillows will allow the two patterns to complement each other.

Muted Tones and Neutral Colors

Muted tones are an excellent way to achieve this effect if you want your mid-century design to look more modernized. By using hues that have gray undertones instead of colors with red or yellow undertones, you can create a more modern look that will stand the test of time. However, if you prefer warmer colors as part of your design aesthetic, neutral patterns such as lines or florals work well with those types of tones. As mentioned earlier, the most important thing to remember when giving your home a classic modern style is that everything should complement each other.

Combine Patterns and Colors

If you want to add pattern rugs into your mid-century modern décor, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns! Bringing several differences along the color spectrum of the same tones is a great way for creating an interesting space. This will give any room in your home impact while giving it personality and depth. Furthermore, If you want to create a traditional space that incorporates modern aspects, adding patterns or overdyed rugs into the mix is the best way! Patterned area rugs work especially well in rooms with light-colored furniture as they help them stand out even more than before. It will also work with darker pieces of furniture, but it’s important to remember that this is not the best option for these types of décor. 

Bring the Vintage Vibes

The best way to add a modern vintage feel to your home is by using vintage items and giving them a modern twist. It can be done by decorating with mid-century furniture, using pattern rugs for your home, or even vintage-style wallpaper. The key is to mix old styles and trends with new ones to create something you’ve never seen before! Adding color to your walls is also another great way to add a pop of vintage to your home.

Wallpaper is the Key

Add a pop of color and vintage vibe (without patterned rugs) by adding wallpaper. Wallpaper can be very expensive, but there are alternatives out there that still give you the same look for less money. If you want something more budget-friendly than wallpaper, try painting your walls with interesting colors or patterns. Tapestries are also a good alternative. The key is to mix old styles and trends with new ones to create something you’ve never seen before! Adding color to your walls is also another great way to add a pop of vintage to your home.

Bring in Accessories

Add some retro furniture pieces to your home’s decorating scheme, like mid-century stools or chairs. If you already have old vintage furniture in the house, consider sanding it down and refinishing it with an updated color. It gives new life to older items! If you’re looking for something less expensive than refinished furniture, look into vintage shops or flea markets for unique pieces that work with your design scheme.

On a Final Note

A mid-century modern style popular in the last few decades due to its simple and elegant design. However, it’s not just about furniture! You can add mid-century modern decorating ideas with rugs too! With warm wood furniture, retro-chic decorations, contemporary pattern rugs, or any other rug of your choice from RugKnots, you can give your home a mid-century style look without breaking the bank. This trend looks good in any room regardless of where you live – so get started today by picking up some new flooring at our website!

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