A Complete Configuration Guide on the Nextbox Wireless Extender

The Nextbox Wireless Extender is a dual-band network extender that offers a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network connection. The Nextbox extender provides a convenient plug-in design and it also helps to cover long-distance ranges. However, it provides great wifi speed and it all needs the best location where it can increase its range and access the entire house with its wireless network connection. It just improves the speed of the existing routers and modems, if you connect them with them. If you are using an old router and you don’t want to buy another one but also want to extend the network connection then buy the Nextbox wifi extender.

As you know that the Nextbox wifi extender is also a wireless-n wifi repeater that is fully compatible with up to thirty wireless devices. With the help of fast ethernet ports, it can connect to nearby devices as it works as an access point. Its superior high-performance built-in chip amplifier provides a fast connection of 1200 Mbps.

How to Configure the Nextbox Wireless Extender?

The Nextbox Wireless Extender provides the simplest solution that you can place on the top of the head and it will work by hooking up with a range extender. However, it can be connected to the wifi router to increase its wifi range where the dead zones exist and illuminate them completely. So let’s start the configuration of the normal extender without taking too much time.

The process of the Nextbox extender is quite easy and simple and it requires a little bit of knowledge that you get from this article. For the starters here is the proper configuration guide. So first of all, take the Nextbox extender and connect it to the wall outlet and the network connection to fix. Now connect the extender device with the computer device. Now you have to make sure that the network connection is properly secure and steady. Hereafter enter the IP address or the web address of the Nextbox extender and it redirects you to the setup page of the Nextbox device. Hence the setup is completed.

Login Guide of the Nextbox wifi extender

Once the setup of the device has been completed. Then it prompts you to the setup page where you proceed to the login steps. On the login page, complete the login process by using the default credential information. This information you will find in the user manual of the Nextbox wireless extender. And after that, you need to follow the web user interface. Here you have to provide all the necessary information about the host router. It will help the Nextbox range extender to connect to the wireless router. It simply extends the wifi range of your connection. 

Therefore, unplug or disconnect the wifi range extender. Now, connect it back to the right place with the host router where you have the dead zone area. Moreover, you can also use the setup page of the Nextbox extender to change the settings with the host router.

Why does the Nextbox WiFi extender not work effectively?

You need to make sure that you have used the correct URL re.nextbox.home of the Nextbox extender. Sometimes the wrong URL also stops you from accessing the web page. Well, there are multiple explanations for this question. Simply ensure that the credential details should enter accurately while you are accessing the login page. Also, verify that you are using the latest version of the device as the firmware update is the crucial step in helping it work properly.

Final Words

The Nextbox wireless extender provides the best wifi solution. That simply eliminates all the dead spots from your house and provides a smooth connection. In this article, you get to know about the configuration and login of the Nextbox extender. In case it stops working then you can also read the reason with a solution.

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