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A Guide of Cup Sleeve for Coffee Lovers

It’s not a myth that the strong coffee helps in generating ideas and awakening brain. It is absolutely true. But what if you made or bought a strong coffee but the next moment it slips from your hand or you find it hard to grab the hot cup.There arrives the demand of a cup sleeves with Java Sok promo code. The cup sleeves are now trendy not only because of the look but because of its extra ordinary and practical uses too.

What are Cup Sleeves?

Cup sleeves are cylindrical sleeve that fits snuggly around the cup. They are usually made out of Kraft, foam and Plastic. It is the best solution for customers to enjoy their drink instead of it being hot or cold. They also provide a comfortable, sturdy and non-slip feel, even when moving. Moreover, cup sleeves are necessary for keeping your hands cool holding hot beverages.

Science Behind Cup Sleeves

For the heat conduction process between two substances to be efficient, it needs to have as much contact to the surface as possible. Material with a higher density tends to have a higher potential for transferring heat. The main idea behind the cup sleeves is to reduce the temperature between coffee and your hands.

It can only be achieved by adding a layer of protection, which reduces the contact surface between the sleeves and a hot cup of coffee. Cup sleeves act as an air barrier, while air has a lower density. Therefore, it does not transfer heat efficiently. So this is the phenomenon of cup sleeves to hold your coffee for more extended periods of time.

Looking for affordable cup sleeves at best price in US?

Looking for high quality cup sleeves in the US, without breaking the bank? With so many options of material and design to choose from, some people may feel lost on where to put their money on for the best value. That’s why I made a list for you. To make sure that you will make an educated decision about the best cup sleeves at modest prices.

Following Affordable Cup Sleeves In the US

Java Sok

Java Sok has the best comfortable sleeve range that perfectly covers, insulates and protects your favorite cold drinks. Java Sok insulated cup sleeves are uniquely designed to fit Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s & other popular cup sizes.

  • Small Java Sok fits Starbucks Grande, Dunkin Donuts Small, and McDonald’s Small cup of coffee.
  • Medium Java Sok fits Starbucks Venti, Dunkin Donuts Medium, and McDonald’s Medium cup of coffee.
  • Large Java Sok fits Starbucks Trenta, Dunkin Donuts Large, and McDonald’s large cup of coffee.

Java Sok cup insulators may also fit certain disposable water bottles and miscellaneous tumblers. The cup sleeves are available at low prices as starting from $10, but you can avail Java Sok promo code and get the desired sleeves at the lowest prices. Let’s have a look at the cup sleeves collection at the store.

Our Best Picks For You All

Winter Knit Java Sok

Size: 30-32oz

From $10.99

Red Snowflake Java Sok

Size: 30-32oz

From $10.99

Fountain Soda Sleeve Soda Sok

Size: 20-28oz

From $10.99

Baby Elephant Walk Java Sok

Size: medium, large, 2XL

From: $10.99

Green Tartan PintSok

Size: 160oz


Some other affordable brands that you can consider

Genuine Joe

Genuine cup sleeves are the perfect addition to your beverage in the center of cup. Their cup sleeves fit on hot cups that hold 10, 12, or 16 ounces of hot beverages. To protect your hand from the unbearable heat of your favorite beverage, with corrugated cup sleeves. So you can buy the cup sleeves in affordable prices.

Custom Cup Sleeves

Custom cup sleeves add charm to your wedding, church event or any special occasion. Its cup sleeves made from compostable and 100% recyclable material. We all know that sleeves have a trendy waffle texture to add grip. Therefore, custom coffee sleeves provide the absolute best quality of customized cup sleeves at an affordable price.

Eco Choice

Eco choice is the best brand that offer huge range of recycle cup sleeves. Protect your hand and save money by using two disposable cups. Keep your favorite drinks like coffee, hot coffee and tea insulated with their coffee sleeves. Trust us, their sleeves are environment friendly sleeves providing a better grip and can fit multiple cup sizes.

Properties Of Your Cup Sleeve That You Need To Check For

Thermal Insulation Keeps Drink Cold

Sleeves are made from 100% neoprene material that keeps your drink cold longer. So make it your drink on your way to school or office and enjoy your favorite beverage on the go.

Reusable Cup Sleeves

Cup sleeves should be economical. So it can be used over and over again for a more extended period of time. Wrap your drink with reusable cup sleeves.

Budget Friendly & Washable

Sleeves must be washable instead of replace or throw away paper cups sleeves or napkins. It only causes the waste pollution. Buy budget friendly sleeves to cover your drink.

Stretches To Fit

Cup sleeves are uniquely designed to fit on multiple cups. So whatever your style, they have got you covered.

Best Reasons To Buy Cup Sleeves For Yourself

Prevent Hand Slip

Hot paper cups are made from smooth material, and if your hands are sweaty or oily, you may lose your grip on the cup. But, using a sleeve adds some material to the cup, so it is easy to hold and prevent slip.

Save On Cost

Cup sleeves save plenty of cash as before, restaurants and coffee houses used double cups. However, a double wall cup is more expensive than using sleeves.

Protect From Extreme Temperature

Cup sleeves provide thermal insulation. As your drink is cold, the sleeves protect from the warmth of your hands. So you can enjoy your ice cream cup without fear of melting. When you hold a hot cup of coffee. Cup sleeves prevent your hand from burning. Allow coffee for a longer period of time.

Final Statement

Cup sleeves help you to protect any haphazard events .So you can buy your cup sleeves from the suggested Brands. Trust me all the listed sleeves are best and affordable. You must try these cup sleeves. That are the most durable or reusable cup sleeves you have ever found. Enjoy your drink with style and comfort with stand in your budget.

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