A Guide to Choosing the Inexpensive Charm Bracelets

That the 90s are pretty much back in fashion, with all their fads and edgy slash kitschy things is no surprise anymore. So the fact that charm bracelets are slowly creeping their way back onto our wrists is no surprise. Here, in this article, you will know more about getting your hands on stones for bracelet making


The number of beads and charms that you will include in the bracelet will depend on what you believe will fit the liking of the receiver. But if you are buying a charm bracelet as a stylish accessory, then you can be as creative as you want. 


You can add age-related beads, trendy designs, and even star sign charms to the bracelet to create a piece of accessory that is individual to you. If you are starting from scratch, you can have fun with a lot of details, colors, and materials and are unsure of the carrier bracelet you must choose, and the material and color options that will complement the charms, then this guide is for you. So with all that being said, we present to you the guide to choosing your inexpensive charm bracelet or stones for bracelet making

Check the following points:


  1. Choose a specific brand- name: The most important thing when choosing inexpensive charm bracelets is to know what you are buying. You can buy from any brand but we would recommend an inexpensive charm bracelet from a particular brand or designer. Most companies have stricter rules about cheaper products, like a minimum amount of beads and charms in your bracelet, and for some brands, you will also be able to find more expensive bracelets under an even cheaper price tag than their regular ones. So choose a specific brand or designer that will stay true to the products they craft in which you can trust that quality is still like the original product.


  1. Choose a type of charm: A charm bracelet is basically a bracelet that has more than one piece of jewelry attached to each other. You can buy bracelets with every single type of bead or bead in general, but for the purpose of this tutorial, we will focus on charms since it is what we believe most people wear on their wrist.


  1. Choose an accessory shape: There are many different types of accessory shapes that you can choose from because they are all very different and serve their own purposes. A bracelet, for example, is defined as a piece of jewelry that is able to fit onto the wrist. As we have said in our previous guide on choosing inexpensive bracelets, choose based on how much you like a certain bracelet or if you need one.



  1. Choose beads on the same theme: This is an additional step to the first step which is choosing an inexpensive charm bracelet brand. It’s important to buy charms, beads, and stones for jewelry making that are completely on your theme, be it because they look nice or because they reflect your hobbies or personality.


  1. Choose to add more accessories: This can be done by adding other accessories to your purchase of a new bracelet or as another product altogether. For example, if you have a bracelet that you buy at a certain price point, you can add to it by buying a charm bracelet below that price point with the same beads and charms. Or alternatively, buy something that is completely different because that’s more unique than anything else.


  1. Choose to include other accessories: A simple accessory is really all you need to add onto your purchase of new charm bracelets or stones for bracelet to make it look complete. But over the years we have noticed more and more people who include other things into their inexpensive charms bracelet. Like sunglasses, bags and other jewelry. So we would advise letting your creative side loose since there are many options for this.


  1. Choose to include a more personal accessory: A charm bracelet is not only an inexpensive piece of jewelry but can be seen as a way that you can express your individuality. If you do not intend on buying anything else aside from the bracelet itself. You can add accessories or even jewelry so that you actually receive double the amount of accessories for your purchase price.


  1. Choose to include a more expensive accessory: Do not limit yourself when choosing what accessory to add to your bracelet, and if budget allows. Then we highly recommend that you start buying inexpensive charms bracelets with more expensive items and adding onto them. For example, a lot of people buy silver charms and beads and then add gold jewelry onto your bracelet. Also, you can consider adding stones for bracelet making. This is called layering because you are adding accessories of different colors onto each other.


  1. Choose multiple inexpensive charm bracelets: Since we all know that the popularity for most trends does not last forever, and even if they do trend for a really long time. It will eventually come to pass where you will slowly abandon them altogether. So if you are going to go for the trend at the time. Then we would highly recommend that you buy multiple bracelets at your price point. Because you will never know when one will cease to be in style.


  1. Choose to include one really expensive accessory: But not all trends can be seen as cheap accessories because some high-end trends are a lot different from their low-end versions. This is what we meant by saying to include accessories of different shapes and materials. Instead get the same type of design but from a cheaper material like gold. So that you can choose which one to wear out on any given day.


  1. Choose your own price tag: This is an additional step for those who have their minds set on buying an inexpensive charm bracelet. Since most of the materials you will use are from inexpensive jewelry such as gold, silver and plastic; we would recommend that you take a look at sale items at discount stores. You can still find sale items there or even get a little bit more expensive products at sale prices too. So that way you can get an inexpensive bracelet and the accessories to go with it. But they will be more individualized in the style which is great if you want to stand out.


  1. Choose to make your own bracelets: If you are extremely artsy then this is the option for you since we all know that no one knows us better than ourselves. You can easily pick up cheap beads, charms, and stones for bracelet making, but the real fun lies in knowing how to make your own bracelet with them. You can add charms to a necklace or simply attach a chain onto the beads. You can make bracelets big enough for yourself to wear on your wrist, or smaller ones that you can take off at night. And just put on your neck or wrists as jewelry pendants.

In short, there are numerous ways to choose what you want to add onto your charm bracelets. But most of all, you should always make sure that you pick a bracelet that will suit both your personality and taste.


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