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A Step By Step Guide: How To Wrap a Perfect Gift Basket On This Valentine Day

Send valentines day gifts to Karachi with our perfect guidance on how to wrap a perfect basket. The first appearance of gifts matters a lot, so every time you send a gift, make sure it looks beautiful.

As we all know that valentines are around the corner. We know that you have already done a lot of hard work to choose the best gift for your beloved. Now here comes the real challenge of how you are going to wrap and send valentines day gifts to Karachi. We will guide you on wrapping your gifts in no time like a pro.

What things you can add to your basket

Valentines is all about showing love, so all the gifts in your basket must be related to love. Now I’m going to tell you what things you must have in your basket, then you can send a valentines day gift to Karachi without any hesitation. The things that you must have in the basket are as follows.

  • A red teddy bear
  • Some dark chocolates
  • Red roses
  • Fragrances
  • A diamond ring
  • A red grapes juice bottle

How to  place your items step by step

After getting all these things which will leave a great influence on your beloved now its time that how you will going to wrap your basket because without a great wrapping all the gifts will definitely look fade. I will tell you all these things step by step.

Step 1

Grab up some brown papers, tear them into little pieces, and place all of them into the bottom of your basket.  Start placing all the big things first. You need to place all these in towards the back of your basket. Now put some more torn papers to save the bottle from any damage and can easily transfer your valentines day gift to Pakistan but make sure that the bottle could be seen clearly in the basket from the papers. Then comes all the other small thing like chocolates, rings, fragrances, etc. put them in front of the basket with some more wrinkle paper but make sue they can be seen easily.

Step 2

The next step is that you need to take some colored tissue paper. White/pink does not matter. You can have any kind of colored tissue paper and place them in between each item in the basket to hide the previous shredded brown paper. If you see any gap between the items, you must fill them with any decorative item like stars, cult ribbons, or any kind of candy can, etc.

How to wrap your gift basket

There are two different ways from which you can wrap your basket beautifully.

  • Gathering
  • Up and over

The first technique is more dramatic, and the second one is less showy, so today, I will teach you how you can send a valentines day gift to Karachi by using the first technique that is the gathering technique.

All that you need is

  • Your basket
  • Some Clear cellophane
  • Scissors
  • Binding tape
  • Colored curling ribbons
  • Colored curling string

First step;

First, you need to take a large piece of any cellophane and place it out in a flat position. Then grab your basket and place it in the middle now, grab your cellophane from beneath and draw front and back edges over the top of the basket in order to meet above. Hold the cellophane here with one hand and grab any kind of ribbon or any kind of binding tape and secure the top of the cellophane with them tied tightly around the gather;

Second step;

Attach your greeting card in which you can write any kind of love message for your beloved to the tie point at the top. Then with the help of any harp knife, stretch the ribbon tightly. When you release the ribbon, it will come as a curly ribbon. You can do this process with sharp scissors also. You can attach more ribbon to the tie at the top to make it look more curly. If not, you can cut the ribbon short but make sure the tie is still secure and put a big bow on top to hide all the strings.

And here we come to an end, and now we can send valentines day gifts to Karachi. There might be chances that you guys will find all this process bit difficult, but once you get used to it, it will become even easier for you.

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