Advanced SEO Techniques to get More Traffic to your Site

In the online world, SEO works the best way to get your business working the right way. For freelancers, for business promotional content and for other online purposes, this technique works the best way. Therefore, the following tactics can help you gauge your search engine optimization in the right manner:

1. Augment the number of Brand Search Queries:

 Once you go for the increase in the SEO, you should try to make sure that the number of searches for your brand are high. There are chances that people may not go for your page but may show interest in your brand and search for it.  

For this purpose, make sure that you focus on your customers. There may be two reasons why people go for your brand- either your brand is trusted for the product or the service they are offering and also because the brand shows real care about its customers

If people show trust in your brand, it may be because of the excellent services you have offered them earlier. Therefore, a positive experience with your brand may get you more loyal customers. Increase in the customers can also be done through word of mouth. 

2. Focus on Increasing User Experience on SERP: 

User experience is a mandatory thing for SEO. User experience may decrease due to the non-satisfaction of people with your site. 

Maybe your customers are spending a lot of time on your site (a time greater than the average time they should spend there) or maybe there are certain link-like statements on your site, which actually do not direct you to a different page. 

Also, there are chances that the actual links are hidden somewhere, in badly built accordion, therefore, customers may face trouble there. Therefore, these problems can be rectified by reworking on the homepage, by pasting links such that they work and direct users to the desired page. 

The bounce rates in such cases may decrease to nil. This would help in increasing the user experience results as well as better SEO results. 

3. Focus on the Average time spent by the User on the Page:

If a user is spending more than the required time on a page, or even a lesser time, in such cases it may lessen the user experience, therefore we should analyze the probable reasons for this happening. 

Dwell time is directly proportional to the bounce rates on a page. Therefore, we should work upon reducing the dwell time on the page. It will show you why users are unhappy with your site. 

4. Content Development based on Demand: 

Usually people try making content based on the keywords, rather than focusing on the topic and demand of the customers. Your site customers come to your site because they feel that you have everything to offer them. 

Therefore, formulate content based on the demands of your customers rather than on the site keywords. This is how great guest posts earn themselves the status. They work keeping the demand in mind, and then fit in the keywords. 

5. The Skyscraper Technique: 

Brian Dean came up with the Skyscraper Technique for search engine optimization. This technique helps you drive more traffic to your site. Focus on getting more backlinks on your site. This is what we call a linkable asset. 

These links should be easy to find. Usually pages higher in ranking have several backlinks therefore one should also focus on doing so. Develop great content, share the content to a number of people and then reach out to other people as well. 

6. Use the Domino Technique: 

There are chances that your procedure of getting backlinks may not work that well. Therefore, we can work the opposite way. Focus on creating great content for your page. 

This is how paid guest posts earn themselves customers. Excellent content may get more and more people driven towards it. Focus more on content writing and less on advertising and marketing the content. 

This is what we call the Domino Technique. When your content reaches out to some of the great websites and they link it on their page, several smaller websites may link it too.

7. Optimize your Content based on User Intent: 

User is somebody who goes through your content, therefore, make sure that your content is based on user demand. The search engines each day go through a huge number of algorithm updates, therefore content is the only way out for the users. In such cases in depth research should be done regarding the content which should then be targeted at the right audience. 

8. Work upon Local SEO: 

There are businesses which work on a local level. There are more and more people who look out for local products online and thus you must optimize for local SEO as well. The ‘near me’ thing is something that people search for a lot. 

Therefore, this technique would work for you very well. For this you must be added in the ‘local three pack’.  You may start by creating a business page for your company on Google, get your address verified and then optimize your business listings.

9. Boost your Click Through Rate: 

People will only click on searches which appear to have loads of information on the topic these people are searching. Along with this, they also go for such sites which they have been trusting for a long time. 

Faith and the right amount of information drive more and more people to your place. Therefore, one should work to increase organic click through rate. Google too witnesses this activity and ranks the site accordingly. 

For this you must analyze which pages of your site are performing poorly, then you must improve the titles on these pages, get more relevant content just like sites which offer guests post services do, set a descriptive URL and other such requirements. 

10. Get a featured Snippet: 

These snippets help your site to appear twice in the search results as opposed to just appearing once. 

This enhances your page rank and gets higher in the list. For example, you might have seen a certain piece of information appearing directly on your search result screen and then you see the linked page. That is how these snippets work.

11. Work upon Internal Linking: 

Links, that too referring to relevant content, can help you retain your position. Once you provide links to some excellent sites or sites which offer guest posts services, you will see that the content excites the reader and gets more traffic to your page. 

12. Try Barnacle SEO: 

If your ranking on page is through the use of great keywords, then Barnacle SEO can help you out in the best possible way. For this you must identify the top-ranking sites for your keyword, note when they provide the link sharing opportunities or any such advertisement opportunity and then reach out to them and execute your plan. 

This is one of the fastest methods to earn you traffic through SEO.

Therefore, if you are hunting out for the latest SEO techniques to get your content more and more audience and rank high in the search engine rankings, you can take help of the methods discussed above.

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