All you need to know about Short Stories.

All you need to know about Short stories. Unlike huge novels and dramas, short stories refer to a brief work of prose fiction. They can, in other words, be say to be a shorter version of the novels.All you need to know about Short stories.

This can be state because most of the terms for analyzing the component elements, types, as well as narrative techniques of the novel are applicable to short stories as well. All you need to know about Short stories for development.

Just as the plot of a novel can be comic, tragic, satiric, or romantic, the short stories are too present to us from different points of view and thus may be write in the mode of fantasy, naturalism or realism.

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In case of tales, or story of incidents, the focus of interest is primarily on the course as well as the outcome of the events as happens in The Gold Bug by Edgar Allan Poe, and in several other tales of detection, in the stories of O. Henry as well as in the well-contrived western, adventure and detective stories in popular magazines. On the other hand, the stories of character focus on the state of mind or emotion or rather the psychological state of the protagonist, as well as his moral qualities. 

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An example of this can be the stories of Anton Chekhov, in some of which we only see an encounter as well as a conversation between two people. A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, the classic by Ernest Hemingway, consists of only a curt dialogue between the two waiters, who talk about an old man who gets drunk daily and stays in the cafe till it closes. It is thereafter follow a brief mediation one of the waiters. In other short stories we see a balance of interest between the extra action as well as the character. 

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Then there have been several research paper writings that have highlighted the differences between short stories and novels, saying that short stories differ from novel in a dimension which Aristotle called magnitude. 

Since the length of the short stories is limit, it imposes differences both in the effects that the story can achieve as well as the choice and elaboration of the elements which assist in achieving this effect.

 The credit for establishing short stories as a genre goes to Edgar Allan Poe, who was its first critical theorist. He define these stories as prose tales that can be read in a span of half an hour to two hours and are limit to achieve a certain unique effect. 

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His comments applied to many short stories and pointed at the economy of management which is always impose  the tightness of the form. In other words, we can simply say that a short story writer cannot introduce multiple characters.

cannot afford a place for leisurely analysis and sustain development of character.

and also cannot develop a sense social milieu as happens in a novel. 

What happens in short stories is that the author often begins on the verge of climax.

keeps the complications down, minimized both prior exposition or details of the setting and clears up the denouement quickly in a few sentences. 

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The research paper writings do on these short stories and their development state that the central incident is often selected so as to manifest to the protagonist’s life, as much as possible, and the details are devised in order to carry maximum import for the plot. This spareness in the narrative gives higher visibility to the artistry in the short stories than the artistry in the loosely structure ones.

But it must be note that various short stories depart from this paradigm in various ways.

It must also be keep in mind that this name consists of a great diversity of prose fiction.

all the way from short stories to long and complex forms.

In such cases, the work that lies between.

the tautness of the short stories and the expansiveness of a novel is say to be a novelette.

 This form had been specially exploite in Germany after being introduce to Goethe in 1795. 

The short narrative, in both verse and prose forms, is one of the oldest and most widespread of literary forms. For example, the Hebrew Bible too includes the stories of Jonah, Ruth and Esther. Some of the predecessors of short stories were fable, fabliau, folktale, or the parable. In the earlier era there also developed the device of frame story.

a preliminary narrative within which one or more characters came up to tell a series of short narratives. 

This device was widespread in the East and Middle East, as we witness in the collection of stories named The Arabian Nights. It was also used by other writers like Boccaccio in his Decameron and by Chaucer in his Canterbury Tales. 

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The short stories as we see today, saw their development since the nineteenth century.

in order to satisfy need for short fiction by many magazines. The earlier practitioners of such forms were Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Walter Scott and others. 

And this short story developed as we see them today. These points have been sufficiently mentioned and elaborated so as to provide assignment help to the needful students.


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