All you need to know about Super Duplex Steel Round Bars

What is Super Duplex Steel?

All you need to know about Super Duplex Steel Round Bars. In terms of chemical composition and appearance, Super Duplex Steel or Duplex Stainless Steel is similar to Stainless Steel. Super Duplex Steel compromises of 20-28% chromium, up to 5% molybdenum, up to 9% nickel, and 0.05 – 0.5% nitrogen, among other elements. Standard Super Duplex, Super-Super Duplex, and Lean Super Duplex Grades, for example, each with its own distinct property or feature.

Super Duplex stainless steel is like Duplex it has a mixed microstructure of austenite and ferrite (50/50), giving it greater strength than ferritic and austenitic steel grades. The main distinction is that the Super duplex contains more Molybdenum and Chromium, which gives the material greater corrosion resistance.

Super Duplex has the same advantages as its counterpart: it has lower production costs when compared to similar ferritic and austenitic grades, and because of the material’s increased tensile and yield strength, the purchaser often has the welcomed option of purchasing smaller thicknesses without sacrificing quality and performance.

What are Round Bars?

Super Duplex Steel Round Bars range from 5mm to 500mm in diameter and 100mm to 1300mm in length. Round, square, flat, threaded, hollow, hexagonal, and triangular bars are the most common shapes of Super Duplex steel bars. They’re also commonly used to make small pipe fittings, small tools, and so on. Round Bar is also important for making pipes and tubes. Because of the properties of the many metals used to make the alloy, Super Duplex steel round bars are ideal.


When choosing a round bar, the most important thing is the end-user. It determines the requirements of the desired properties along with optimizing the cost. A buyer can avoid paying higher by choosing extremely good properties and can bring down the cost by opting for the lower limits for properties that are above the safety level by knowing about the exact technical requirements of the end user.

Applications of Super Duplex Steel Round Bars?

Super Duplex Steel finds its use in a variety of industries since it has properties similar to stainless steel. Because these industries are massive; and massive in terms of production, they require a strong material to keep their products consistent. Super Duplex Steel has many such properties that allow it to withstand pressures and harsh conditions while still functioning. This steel comes in a variety of grades, each with its own set of applications.

Duplex 2507 is ideal for various industries due to its non-corrosive properties. Duplex 2507 Possesses superior strength and excellent properties, making it ideal for use in Pipes transporting crude oil to the refinery, Cooling towers, chemical process industries, heat exchangers, vessels, Desalination plants, high-pressure RO-plant, seawater piping, process and service water systems, fire-fighting systems, injection, and ballast water systems, etc. These 2507 round bars are designed to handle highly corrosive conditions and situations, where high strength is required.

Super Duplex Steel preferred piping material in various industries such as paper manufacturing, waste treatment, drug-based, and food processing equipment. 2507 steel is available in different specifications, dimensions, shapes, and sizes.  Super Duplex Steel 2507 Round Bars are used in the food and beverage industries to withstand any reaction to edibles. The primary advantage of Super Duplex Steel round bars is that they are stronger and more resistant to corrosion and any condition.

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