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Anthony Lister Artistic Influences and Cherished Collaborative Works

Well-known for his exquisite merging of “low” and “high” cultural imagery in his artworks, Anthony Lister a one of a kind Australian contemporary graffiti artist. featured as one of the topmost 50 collectable Australian artists and considered one of the top influential contemporary artists.

This article will introduce you to the exciting world of Anthony Lister, starting with early life and influences in his body of work to his cherished collaborations, collections, and exhibitions.

Antony Lister’s Early Life and Influences

Currently living and working in Sydney, Anthony Lister was born in Brisbane, Australia, in the year 1979.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Queensland College of Art, he moved to New York City in 2003 and mentored by Max Gimblett. Max is a famous New Zealand-born painting artist. He met him at the Queensland Art Gallery during the opening of a major solo exhibition.

While constantly exhibiting all across the world, Anthony Lister turned his focus back to the female figure and the human form during his last shows in Los Angeles and Milan. The exhibitions primarily featured ballet dancers.

Throughout his artwork, Anthony Lister cedes power to his audiences because they see everything. He always assumes that the audiences are distinct from him. As such, Anthony Lister’s always painted for himself rather than anyone else.

Anthony Lister displays a range of playful, dreamlike, whimsical, and wholehearted skill sets and emotions with his sense of art. But, he makes sure to not offer merely a single correct interpretation for any one of his specific artwork.

During a recent and exciting Degas show in London, Anthony Lister presented a way more rough-hewn, grimy, however surprisingly delicate interpretive take on the bodies. In his arts he always expressed interest in social value judgments on culture and culture itself.

While giving his reasons for being drawn to culture and society as a painter, Anthony Lister describes the Ballerinas as like strippers who are unwilling to take their clothes off.

Anthony Lister’s Exhibitions and Collections

Anthony held his unique exhibitions all across the globe in places like Berlin’s Urban Spree Gallery, Toronto’s Show & Tell Gallery, London’s Lazarides Gallery, Miami’s Robert Fontaine Gallery, Los Angeles’ New Image Art Gallery, and Melbourne’s Black Art Projects.

Apart from the valuable exhibition above, Anthony Lister’s body of artwork has been included within famous collections like the National Gallery of Australia, Brand & Slater Architects, TVS Partnership, David Roberts Collection, Brisbane Grammar School, and Art Bank Australia.

Anthony Lister’s Cherished Collaborations

Well-Known brands like Juxtapoz, Wooster Collective, Vogue, and Highsnobiety connected with him ans featured his art.

Apart from these exciting features, Anthony Lister’s had collaborative works with multiple renowned brands globally, such as Hermès, Westfield, The Standard Hotel, Samsung, Vogue Australia, and Mercedes-Benz. What’s more. Lister also famously collaborated with various famed personalities and artists, including Australian singer Nick Cave and French artists like Space Invader and Blek le Rat.

Above all, Anthony Lister takes special pride in a book, Anthony Lister: Adventure Painter. The book featured a mix of Anthony Lister’s outdoor paintings and gallery work and documented his intellectual and physical travels.

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