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Are brain tumors and dementia symptoms related?

Brain tumors are often dangerous and carry numerous other diseases with them. Being a crucial disease, it demands standardized treatment procedures and regular checkups. So, whom should you visit with a brain tumor? It is the doctors of Amri Hospital, Kolkata that have wide experience in handling brain tumors from the past few years. Of course, the neurologists of this hospital are A-class doctors and your family need not worry about your condition anymore. 

Now, what if the brain tumor carries certain symptoms of dementia? Well, this article will give you a brief about wisely detecting those symptoms and proceeding.

Which part of the brain is affected by Brain Tumor?

Just by hearing the name, ‘brain tumor’ we all get a shiver in our body. Now, just imagine people dealing with it for years. So, having a lump of unwanted cells all over the skull is not that easy. Mainly, the portion of the skull that is said to be the most important part of the brain can get prone to groups of cells that multiply in their amount. This is exactly how the development of a tumor comes to the scene. Most of the tumors don’t have cancer-forming germs in it. But, at times things may turn wild and cancerous cells can start developing from the tumors themselves.

However, both primary, as well as secondary brain tumors, have their presence. As the former marks its presence right from the brain, the latter just looks out for an excuse to turn into cancer cells and create a mess. So, the cancer cell just gets transmitted either from the lungs or the breasts and causes a problem for the brain to carry out its function. 

Dementia – A severe condition

Can you forget your family members someday? The question itself is so weird and the probable answer is a big No. But, you will be amazed to know that; dementia is such a rare condition that can reach the extent of memory loss. Although it is connected with some sort of deadly brain disease, it leaves people depressed and confused. The inability to make mental decisions and vast personality changes mark the disease. Also, the person can easily misplace things and forget the same thing the very next moment. In addition to that, other times even a slight head injury can make you a victim of dementia easily.

You can take the example of Alzheimer’s as this can happen during the dementia phase. Most old people come under the grasp of dementia but the same can affect younger minds as well. Thus, the patient tends to face real difficulty in coping up with the day-to-day activities of daily life.   

Relation of Brain Tumor with Dementia Symptoms

Honestly, as both brain tumors and dementia have similarity with motor abilities, therefore the highest possibility lies in its resemblance. As the brain tumor has a headache as its prime symptom, it follows that way. Many times, people with brain tumors tend to have high confusion in the simple stuff of their life and can be prone to certain behavioral changes too. Now, all these are nothing, but the general symptoms of dementia. 

So, the situation of brain tumor and dementia symptoms’ treatments are available with the neurosurgeons of India’s best hospital. Still, many bodily changes occur during the phase of dementia and the patient turns irritated with the extreme headache. Therefore, proper diagnosis is a must as soon as this symptom comes to the forefront. It is only through the means of diagnosis that, proper treatment can be referred to the patients. 

Important Diagnosis for Brain Tumor and Dementia

For knowing about the extent of the effect done by brain tumors as well as dementia, the doctor has to undergo an extensive diagnosis. This process involves:

  • Medical History

Doctors of Amri Hospital, Kolkata usually go for checking the medical history of the patient to have an understanding of the disease he had in his past. Several medicines and daily routines are the primary diagnosis techniques are used by the specialist to trace the brain tumors. 

  • Family History 

Family History is a common perspective to take into consideration while hunting for the disease’s entry. Mainly, some genes can carry cancer-causing cells that take the form of brain tumor later. These cells can be passed to the child, right from his birth. So, likewise, on growing up he may show the symptoms of dementia too. 

  • Process of Diagnostic Imaging

The process of diagnostic imaging involves using computerized tomography for getting the image of the lumps that are inside the brain. By performing that diagnosis, the doctors can come to know about the enlargement of the tumor and can prescribe medicines accordingly. At times, the neurosurgeons may also ask the patient to go for surgery. However, this can only be recommended if the tumor has taken a dangerous turn. 

  • Neurological  Examination

Going through the process of neurological examination can come up with many dementia symptoms. Often, the patients are asked to tell something about themselves or asked the address of the clinic. This is a minor test to check for impaired speech and the difficulty of the patient in recalling those. Many times, the patients can recall the things partially and other times they fully forget the things at a go. 

Therefore, the concerned team of specialists depends largely upon diagnosis before coming to conclusion. This is an effective means to judge the disease rightly.

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