Asus WiFi 6 Router – General Configuration Settings Via Network Map

The Asus WiFi 6 router offers up to six Gbps of bandwidth across all the networking channels and also covers at least 5000 square feet of the area very effectively. In addition. The wifi 6 router supports 4 x 4 MU-MIMO technology with 4 powerful beamforming antennas. However, it can easily handle the requirements and the demands of the big families in which there are multiple network users. With its fast blazing speed, you can stream or binge your favorite show online without influencing others. Moreover, it packs in an enormous 8 Gigabit Ethernet port so that your wireless device receives plenty of wifi performance. 

Along with the features, the Asus router setup with the web GUI and QIS has auto-detection. It seamlessly handles all the work of busy households. However, it offers Aiprotection and Aimesh Features that increase the standard of the connection and are comparable with other devices. As it is a wifi 6 device that consists of the newest and the fastest generation technology and helps you to fix the dead zone area conveniently.

How to Configure the General settings of the Asus wifi 6 router Via Network map?

By using the network map, the Asus wifi 6 router simply allows its users to configure the security and settings of the network connection. Moreover, it allows you to monitor the USB devices along with manage the network clients. The network map offers you the wireless security settings in different ways and that you will read in the following article.

Settings into the Setup of the wireless security 

In this step, it helps to protect the wifi 6 router’s wireless network connection from unauthorized access that you will configure into the wireless security settings of the Asus router. To set up the wireless security, select the navigation panel and then go to the general settings. The network map option you will find on the submenu of the general settings of the Asus router.

Now you can clearly see the network map on your windows screen. Now click on the system status option to configure the wireless security settings. Such as network name (SSID), encryption settings and check the security levels. Moreover, you can set different bands for 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bands. On the wireless name, tap on the unique name to set the wireless network name. Now select the encryption method from the security drop-down list and then enter the security key. Finally, click apple when you complete the settings.

Asus wifi 6 router’s Management of the network clients 

In this article, you will manage the network clients from the navigation panel of the wifi 6 router. Visit the general settings and open the network map tab. On this option, choose the client status icon so that it will display the information of the current network connection. If you want to block any client’s access then simply click on the block button.

Checking on the WiFi 6 router’s USB drive

When the Asus wifi connected but no internet connection then you can monitor the working of the device so that you can deal with many network connection errors. Well, it provides you with two USB ports that you will connect to the USB device and then the wireless printers. It also allows you to share large files and printing work with other clients through the network connection. 

When you are using the USB drive feature, you need to make sure of some points. The USB device should be plugged in by accessing the USB flash drive or USB hard drive on the rear panel of the Asus wifi router. Make sure that the USB storage device is properly formatted. When it advises using the USB ports and the printers at the same time. To activate its settings select the USB disk status icon from the network map. Then click GO to set up the FTP server for sarong the files online.

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