Best Cuts For Beef Jerky

Tender, delicious beef jerky made from a variety of cuts. While some are better than others for making great tasting sticks, all lean meats makes you feel full with their cheap price tag and tasty flavor!

Each beef cut one has its own unique perks that may work well depending on flavorsome spices.

Best Cuts for Tender, Delicious Beef Jerky

  • Top Round: Top round is a cut from the primal region that comes highly sought after for its lean meat and economical price. It’s also one of most popular beef jerky options because it has great flavor while being tender yet still providing texture when cooked to your liking.
  • Bottom Cut: Bottom round is a little tougher than top but just as flavorful. It’s great for making beef jerky or roasting and you can use it in place of top rounds. 
  • Eye Cut: If you’re looking to buy some top or bottom round, eye of round might be for you. Eye of the beef comes from elongated muscles located in between middle cuts like what is usually found on a roast. It has more tenderness with just enough flavor that will make your mouth water every time!
  • Sirloin Tip—Also called “Knuckle” or “Round Tip,” this is a less famous cut from the round base yet is as yet an incredible choice. 
  • Lifter Meat—Also called “Cutting edge Meat” or “Cap and Wedge Meat,” lifter meat comes from the rib basic and is meat from an external perspective of the ribs. This cut is somewhat less lean and has medium marbling, making for more delicate, delightful meat jerky at a marginally greater expense. 
  • Flank Steak—Also called “Meat Flank” or “Board Steak,” flank steak comes from the flank base. It’s a lean cut with long grains. It has minimal fat and marbling. This cut is less delicate than lifter meat however has considerably more character. It’s likewise one of the most costly cuts for meat jerky. 
  • Pectoral Meat—Also called “Uncommon Trim,” pectoral meat comes from the toss basic. It’s marginally greasy and has respectable marbling. This cut is incredibly delicate, however less tasty. Pectoral meat is an incredibly reasonable choice, particularly for first-time jerky creators. 
  • Deer Meat—You can likewise make incredible jerky with deer meat. It’s normally exceptionally delicate, lean, and delightful. It’s an incredible decision for those that affection the game character. 
  • Elk Meat—This meat is additionally exceptionally lean and extraordinary for making jerky. It’s amazingly delicate and has next to no game character, in contrast to deer meat 
  • Pork Loin and Tenderloin—This meat is marginally fattier however functions admirably, particularly for better jerkies. It’s brimming with flavor, somewhat cheap, and very delicate.

How To Select the Right Cut of Meat for Beef Jerky

Although there are no hard-and-fast rules for choosing a cut of meat, we’ll give you some general guidelines to help make the best choice.

  • Fat Content—If you plan to eat all your jerky within a few days, choose leaner cuts. Too much fat can cause spoilage faster but if not used immediately then there shouldn’t be any problems.  
  • Intermuscular versus Intramuscular Fat—Intermuscular fat will be fat around the protein, and you should eliminate it prior to beginning the jerky-production process.
  • Picking meat with the least intermuscular fat makes making jerky simpler. Intramuscular fat is the marbling, which runs between muscle filaments. More marbling is better for making jerky; it adds to the delicacy, deliciousness, and rich character. 
  • Pick Economical Cuts—Fresh, excellent hamburger is superior to purchasing the fanciest cut you can find. Indeed, even generally hard cuts of meat can be utilized to make delicate jerky. It’s normally better to save the extravagant cuts like ribeye and filet mignon for different jobs

Best Meats For Jerky

Making your own beef jerky is challenging, but it can be very rewarding. One of the most important parts about making that perfect snack at home with just you and a little culinary magic in-house one should consider selecting which cuts they want for their recipe – there’s no right answer here!

Give yourself full control over everything including experimenting on a small scale until finally figuring out what kind suits them best.

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