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Biox Hand Sanitizer Spray Nozzle For Multi-Purpose Use

 Health experts indicate our hands serve us throughout the day. However, they also deliver germs into our eyes, nose and mouth. However, we wash our hands with soap and water. It is not the ideal way to clean the hands. Biox Hand sanitizer is a perfect hygiene item designed to protect germs and bacteria. It contains 75% Isopropyl alcohol to ensure instant protection from harmful viruses. The sanitizer spray nozzle comes in pocket size, and you can carry it with you. Moreover, it would help if you considered this hand hygiene productan essential accessory and added it to your grocery list.

Hand sanitizers are beneficial for health in the emergency conditions like COVID-19. Everyone knows when COVID outreached, and governments had to shut down all business activities. These days, sanitizers are available everywhere, such as public washrooms, medical facilities and educational sectors like colleges, universities.Often there is a time when soap and water are not approachable. Could a compact hand sanitizer be a suitable option for washing your hands? Let us find out.

How a hand sanitizer does Functions?

Studies claim that sanitizers were introduced to wash the hands when soap or water is not approachable. They come with alcohol to ensure the killing of germs from the skin. Alcohol eliminates germs rapidly than anything and kills even microscopic organisms. However, it can lead to skin dryness, so the manufacturers have started adding small quantities of lotion to prevent skin damage. People often ask how much amount of sanitizer should be used. Medical experts indicate that an individual should apply a sanitizer equal to the size of his thumb. Rub it over your hands, fingers and nail beds for 5 seconds.   

Below are the advantages of a hand sanitizer


The promising benefit of hand sanitizers is cleanliness, and it is designed to kill germs quickly. Studies have claimed that when used appropriately, sanitizers can kill 99% of harmful viruses rapidly. It is easy to carry, and you can use it in your surroundings like in the office, school, college or fitness studio. If you want to ensure you are away from germs, sanitizing fitness equipment will be a great idea. Similarly, sanitizing office desks, college, benches, and bags also reduce the risks of diseases.

Easy to carry

Often you have to go outside the home for several purposes like jobs, buying grocery items, medication. Of course, you cannot carry the whole sink for washing your hands with soap and water. A pocket-sized sanitizer can fit easily in your bag packs or in your pockets. You can use it during the break after sports or leave a space filled with the public.

Ideal for social interactions

Workplaces, schools, hospitals have huge foot traffic, and germs spread quickly in these areas. Regardless of what you are, germs can attack you, especially in a group setting. Therefore, a hand sanitizer is ideal for crowded places like educational sectors, medical facilities or shopping marts. Even people going to the gym or a fitness studio should consider sanitizing fitness equipmentbefore jumping to work out.

Reduces illness risks

You are exposed to germs that can harm your health during the flue. Even a quick visit to your friend’s home can increase the risk of germs and bacteria that can lead to fever, cough etc. Cleaning your hands with sanitizer reduces the chances of illness. Therefore, keeping sanitizer along with you is beneficial.

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