Experiences of our life and its experiences become sweeter when we share our happy moments with people whom we love. Celebrations of our success or achievement become fruitful when we have our dear ones around us. One thing that makes our celebrations complete is the presence of lovely flowers around us. Flowers can be used for the purposes of decorating the venue. They can be offered as gifts as well. We send flowers to the members of our family and friends in order to display our compassion towards them. May it be a wedding ceremony, farewell parties, retirement celebrations or a birthday bash. Every happy occasion of an individual’s life gets accompanied by flowers. Let us know some interesting facts about flowers that grace the special occasions of our life. 



The flowering shrubs of Azaleas are better known as the rhododendron. In the northern hemisphere, they start blooming in May, while the southern region witnesses its blooms in December. The growth rate of these flowers is relatively slow and the requirement for fertilizer is also very low. These vibrant blooms are also called the Royalty of a Garden. This flower grows in numerous varieties, each characterized by different styles of its petals. 



One of the most popular indoor plants, Begonias are known for their enticing blooms. These ornamental flowers require moderate climatic conditions for their growth. These are considered to be a perfect decorative flowers for the house and the garden as well. Traditionally, giving begonia to someone has been associated with warning them against the possibility of a mishappening. It also reflects the existence of harmonious communication between the sender and the recipient. 



These flowers resemble sunflowers in their appearance. They have bright yellow petals with a brown-coloured centre. Sending these flowers through Online flower delivery can be a substitute for sunflowers. They last for ten days or more when placed in a vase. It grows in dozens of varieties and is popularly known as Black-eyed-susan. Other names of the flower are Draconis, coneflower, and Ratibida. Its petals are in the shape of a cone. You can offer these flowers as a symbol of motivation. 



Blooming in the middle of April or the beginning of May, the bluebells are called so because of their appearance. They grow in various shades of pink, blue, white, and purple. They require well-draining soil that is rich in organic contents. Being fast in their growth, they multiply quickly. These beautiful flowers are mostly cultivated for ornamental purposes. These flowers bloom the best when placed in the garden under direct sunlight. It needs a lot of water to ensure that the soil is moist. 



You can buy orchid flower bouquets online to give them to your friends to celebrate their special moments. Orchids are a popular pick for bouquets. These charming flowers are associated with sexuality and masculinity because of their exotic appearance. Orchids are also believed to be the emblem of friendship. Coming across different colours, these flowers hold different meanings as well. An orange orchid symbolizes boldness and enthusiasm, while a purple one is a sign of respect and admiration. 



Daisies start blooming right from the beginning of the dawn as soon as the sun starts to rise. These flowers start to open. It is for this reason that many people call them day’s eyes. Daisies are considered to be sacred flowers that are associated with fertility and childlike innocence. The English daisy or the lawn daisy starts blooming in the month of April. 



Growing as shrubs in more than 280 different species, the pelargonium is appreciated for the fact that it grows for long periods of time. Geraniums have always been associated with happiness and positivity. Thus, they are a nice gift for every occasion. Geraniums can be sent to someone to convey that you want to meet them. 


For a very long time, flowers have been used to celebrate the merry moments of our life. Besides being a part of our joyous celebrations, flowers can be excellent communicators of our emotions as well. An Online bouquet delivery can be the right way of showing sympathy or comforting our friends or near ones at times of sorrow. Flowers are the most excellent way to tell someone that we care for them. 

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