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Build Your Next Application Using Ionic Mobile App Development Services

Mobile app development has become a need of the hour. The global Statista 2021 for mobile apps shows that more than 5,000,000 mobile applications are available in app stores. Among them, 50% of mobile apps are cross-platform, while 30% are iOS based. So in the coming year, more cross-platform or single platform applications will be in use. Moreover, advanced frameworks are the best mobile app development services for building cross-platform applications.

At this current pace, the development of a mobile app is not the same as the traditional one. Today it depends upon frameworks that support open-source development and allows applications to run flexibly on multiple platforms. There are numerous frameworks like, React, Ionic, Xamarin, Flutter, Swiftic, etc. among them ionic framework is the best solution for one code-based app development.

Let’s see how the ionic framework proves itself as the best framework for one code-based application.

Why Ionic Is The Best Framework For Mobile App Development Services?

Ionic is an open-source SDK for cross-platform or one code-based app development. The framework is rich in advanced web technologies, including HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, leading to progressive web apps. Moreover, the highly reachable framework uses Apache Cordova or PhoneGap to create android and iOS mobile apps. The applications built with an ionic framework possess incredible features, including interactive UI, efficient performance, easy integration, plugins, engaging themes, and more. Hence ionic is one of the best mobile app development services building feature-rich apps for all operating systems.

Benefits Of Using Ionic Framework For One Code Based Mobile Applications

The ionic app development framework benefits developers to build one code-based application for all operating systems, namely Windows, Android, and iOS. The framework consists of various convenient tools that help developers build innovative applications in less time. Let’s see why the ionic framework is beneficial for code-based application development.

  1. Open Source Natured

The ionic framework is open source and highly supports one code-based app development. Its open-source nature allows developers to access the source code and edit them for their use. Moreover, there are more than 2.5 billion active android devices, while more than 1.5 billion are iOS devices. Whenever a user wants an app that smoothly runs on multiple platforms, they can easily find them. In addition, wherever a developer finds any bug, they can quickly fix it directly instead of changing the whole. Hence it saves time and ensures a smoother app run for the long term.

  1. Supports Cross-Platform App Development

Ionic framework highly supports cross-platform development; it is a flexible framework that ensures easy conversion of applications to multiple platforms. So users who want to use mobile, web, and desktop apps on any platform can freely use them seamlessly. Hence is a more considerable advantage we get by using this platform.

  1. Angular Based

Another great benefit of this framework is an angular-based platform supporting mobile and web app development. The platform has extensive data-binding syntax in HTML, which is valuable to app developers. When used in ionic app development, the angular framework works surprisingly to create dynamic apps with a highly interactive framework. It serves as an excellent front-end framework for progressive web apps, while it uses an angular command-line interface to create highly functional mobile apps.

  1. Impressive User Interface

The application built with an ionic framework has an impressive user interface with highly scalable features to be customized. Using this framework, app developers can easily modify app interfaces like icons, buttons, grids, color patterns, and much more without any hassle. This highly customizable nature of this framework gives your apps an elegant interface capable of enhancing user experience. Hence ionic is a better option to develop applications with attractive designs.

  1. Efficient App Performance

When it comes to app performance, ionic-made applications have efficient performance. The latest version of ionic has full potential with angular to show extraordinary performance. It allows developers to build applications two times faster than the earlier version. Now users can smoothly navigate the app with 60 frequencies per second, which is faster. It is all because of the ionic’s built-in feature, pre-rendering, that accelerates app performance.

  1. Extensive Plugins

Since it is a multi-platform supporter framework, it has extensive Cordova plugins coded in JavaScript, helping smoother access. The users using ionic-built applications have the freedom to access GPS location, camera, battery, and all the other stuff. This expanded accessibility of the ionic framework enables it to be among the top mobile app development services.

  1. More Adaptability

Ionic has a well-reputed mobile and web app development contribution to capture more user traffic. It is harder to find an open-source app accessible to multiple platforms at this fast-moving pace. The ionic framework has an understandable syntax that helps developers build innovative apps that bring more user experience.

However, a mobile or web app does not impact its performance and user experience. Users can easily use applications on multiple operating systems. Hence this highly adaptable quality optimizes its usage over other frameworks.

  1. Stress-Free Testing

One of the most beneficial parts of the ionic framework is its stress-free testing quality. Using the ionic framework, you can test mobile and web applications and even the framework itself for performance assessment. For android and iOS apps, app developers can use Cordova commands as simulators to perform testing, while web app browsers can be utilized. Lastly, it highly supports remote debugging while the application is in the in-app store.

Final Words

All in all, there are numerous frameworks that you can use to develop innovative applications. The ionic framework is the most helpful framework for cross platform app development because of its incredible features. Moreover, the latest version of the Ionic framework has proved that hybrid apps are not slower than native applications.

Lastly, choosing ionic as an app development framework has many reasons to know. Above, we have outlined some of the top reasons that highly support its usage.

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