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Building the Perfect Kid’s Bedroom | Custom Home Construction in Dallas, Texas

The perks of building your own home are unmatched. From wall colors to flooring and your kid’s bedroom interior, you get to choose everything yourself. 

Sounds awesome, right?

But building and designing a kid’s bedroom isn’t an easy feat? Let us tell you why. Children are already too picky. That means they will need a room that is trendy, comfortable, and above all, safe. 

It is recommended that you hire the best custom home builders in Dallas who specialize in designing and building state-of-the-art custom homes for their clients. You may also ask for their portfolio and check how successfully they have completed their past projects (particularly kid’s spaces, bedrooms, and playrooms). 

In this post, we will share some tips for building a perfect kid’s bedroom. Excited? We’re too. Let’s begin…

Things to Consider Before Building a Kid’s Bedroom for Your Custom Home

Safety first

The biggest consideration for many parents is to provide their kids with a space where they can play, thrive, and grow – but of course, without harming themselves. 

Don’t go overboard with fancy beds, swings, lofts, and ladders. Sure, they look appealing, but then you will have to keep a close eye on your kids all the time. 

Instead of throwing your cash on expensive and complicated stuff, you can consider spending more on lighting, artwork, and tech accessories that teach, inspire and encourage your child. 

Keep your child’s passion in mind

Every child is different and so are their preferences.

Your kid’s bedroom should reflect the passions, interests, and personality of your child. Some children are more into fairytales and fantasies, while others adore sports-related themes and decor. 

Paint walls according to your chosen theme. Also, don’t forget to paste relevant artwork and wall accessories to enhance the overall look and feel of your kid’s room. 

Balance the function with design

Building your kid’s bedroom with specific themes may sound like a great idea. But the last thing you’d want is to change their room’s decor every time their interests change. 

So what is the solution?

The short answer is…

You have to balance the function with design. Unless you have a gigantic house, then chances are your kid’s bedroom will also serve as a play area, study, and a space for relaxing.  That means you’ll have to create a space that isn’t only comfortable but interactive and trendy as well. 

Keep it simple

We all know how quickly children change their minds. One day they’re fond of Elsa, and the very next day, they go crazy for Barbie or any other cartoon character. 

Therefore, instead of going overboard with theme and design, try to opt for a minimalistic approach – something you can easily adjust and remodel. 

Pick a neutral paint

As mentioned above, kids change their minds pretty quickly. Also, their choice of colors changes over time. 

In order to cope with your child’s ever-evolving color choices, it is better to stick to neutral paint hues instead of theme-specific colors. You can choose bright white if you want to paste or hang colorful wall hangings or accessories. Similarly, grey, white, mauve, and cream works wonderfully with almost every kind of decor. 

Play with colors

Your kid’s room should symbolize your child’s personality and age. You don’t really have to be boring to play safe. Experiment with your creativity and think out-of-the-box ideas to decorate your kid’s bedroom according to their design and decor preferences. 

Play with different colors. If you’re keeping the backdrop in a neutral shade, try to add bright and bold hues in the form of accessories and rugs. 

Build a storage

Built-in storage is an integral part of custom home construction. And your child’s bedroom isn’t an exception. Your custom home builder can provide you with different built-in storage ideas that can grow as your child grows. 

Create zones

Create different zones inside your kid’s room for different activities. You can create partitions either by hanging curtains or by lining up a bookshelf or a dresser.  

By creating zones, your child will have a clear idea of where they should sleep, relax, read, or study.

Add quirky corners and window bays

Everything looks appealing when your space is structurally interesting. Especially when it comes to children, they admire corners, nests, bays, and things they can use to climb and explore. 

Give them an opportunity to have low ceilings and creative zones where they can build their own private spaces and imaginary worlds. 

Dedicate a craft corner

This is a must-have. Dedicate a well-equipped area where your child can experiment with their creative and artistic ideas. You can also keep the wall of that zone bright and let your little one paint something cute or unique on it. 

Place a small table and chair with lots and lots of art supplies, including crayons, paints, glitter, buttons, ribbons, and more.

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