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Buy affordable art this festive season

With the onset of festivals in India, the exchange of gifts and sweets becomes a mandatory ritual. Pocket size becomes the main center of conversation among families. Buying affordable decorative pieces in bulk will not only solve the puzzle of ‘what to give?’, but will also bring a sharp turn in the centuries-old tradition with the sweet taste of modernity.

India has always been the protagonist in the subjects of paintings, arts, and sculptures. Each region of India offers a unique style of art, based on its culture and religion. Religious motifs are the most common subject matter, followed in today’s context by abstract, contemporary, and modern art forms. The three most prevalent art forms are painting, architecture, and sculpture.

Options to glance at!!!!!

To make your experience even wider, there are multiple options present to choose from and buy Indian art. The affordable art range borders at 35,000/- which is the range of maximum percentage of people. Take a look and read to know about choices you have within the affordable range.
Starting from recently new arrival with us:

1. Photography art

 Bring home your own clustered collection of different forms of photography and see the mesmerizing collection of photos on canvas, landscape photography, abstract photography, still life photography.

2. Print art

:Collection of original art prints online at the most affordable rates to gift the experience you never felt before. A wide variety of prints includes abstract prints, modern prints, landscape prints, and canvas prints. Right from an elaborate collection of folk art prints to the latest contemporary styles, build a treasure house for amazing prints that suit everyone’s liking and taste.

3. Sketch art:

With practice comes precision. So to feel the depth of anything, sketch art is the only most recommended one, brilliantly etched by most brilliant artists at pocket-friendly prices.

4. Sculpture art

: Collection of metal sculptures, wood sculptures, ceramic sculptures, brass sculptures and steel sculptures placed strategically can add dimensions to the interior setup.

5. Traditional art:

Madhubani painting or Mithila painting frequented by interesting geometrical patterns, beautiful Tanjore paintings, Miniature paintings, Gond paintings, Pattachitra paintings, Kalamkari paintings, Mughal paintings, and many other forms of Indian traditional art can enhance knowledge of Indian history. With the depiction of religious scenes and ancient scenes, it is bound to make gifts special and worthy.

6. Other options:

Abstract art, figurative art, landscape art, still life, surreal art, and Buddha preaching have acquired a very special heartfelt place in today’s fast world. They have become a modern symbol of peace and devotion, of calmness and inspiration, at very low prices.

The online art gallery is the place!!!!

Loaded with ample options, Indianartideas online gallery is the platform to search for affordable art gifts with high quality and buy Indian art, this festive season. We believe in continuous research and updation on upcoming new trends and attractions, so that our customers can rely upon and relax with us.
Whether it is Diwali, Dussehra, Navratri, New Year, Christmas, Eid, etc., we promise to provide you the best and pocket-friendly gifts so that you continue with the charming bond of love and warmth with your near and dear ones.

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