Car Thefts on the Rise: 8 Ways to Prevent Keyless Car Thefts

Since 2019, car thefts in the UK have increased. There has been a 48.7% increase since 2019. Keyless cars have been cited as the reason.

Keyless theft or relay theft is when a thief steals a car without using the car keys. It has become a popular crime in the UK. The primary thing that you need to identify is whether this can happen to you. Manually unlocking your car is safe, but if it automatically unlocks as you reach near it, it signals a thief’s attack.

The technology of keyless entry was designed for the convenience of car owners to ensure their safety.

Does Your Car Have a Keyless Entry?

A key-less car entry is when a car opens without touching the button on the key fob. If the car is in range, it will unlock the doors after recognising the signal. Similarly, if the fob is inside the car, you can press the start button to promote ignition.

How Does a Car Theft Work?

Keyless section vehicle robbery, otherwise called transfer vehicle burglary, ordinarily requires two criminals cooperating, using a hand-off transmitter and a hand-off intensifier.

As one individual stands near the vehicle with the transmitter, the other walks around the property with the speaker to find the key coxcomb.

Assuming the key is adequately close to the vehicle, the intensifier will get the sign and move it to the transmitter, which will then, at that point, go about as the key, basically fooling the vehicle into opening the entryways.

It’s workable for the entire course of opening and taking the vehicle to take under 60 seconds, and it very well may be done in relative quietness.

The exceptional ascent in keyless vehicle burglaries isn’t going unrecognised by vehicle creators.

A couple of new models as of now have arrangements that aren’t defenceless against hand-off assaults.

8 Ways to Prevent Car Thefts

Never Leave Your Keys in The Garage Avoid every possibility of you leaving your keys in the garage or ignition. Never hide the key in your car. If you possess an extra key set, keep it in a safe location. Apart from this, never leave your keys in front of the house. Use a protective box instead.

Criminals use wireless transmitters to capture fob signals at the door and drive away silently.

  • Park your keys strategically 

The signal of keyless cars captures the car at a distance. If you p

ark your car at a distance, for example, near the road, the keyless technology will be useless, and thus your car will remain safe. You must develop a strategy for securing your keys in every way possible to ensure the safety of your car.

  • Turn off the keyless feature on your fob

It is possible in most cars to turn off the keyless feature manually. It is important to note that turning off the signal is different for different vehicles. If you can’t find th

Turn off the keyless feature on your fob


e information in the manual, contact the manufacturer or an expert.

It would be best practice to safeguard your car and save your car.

  • Look for a steering wheel lock 

A steering wheel lock is a bar-like system that you place on your wheel and lock into place with a key. It prevents the car from opening, thus rendering thief efforts useless. It ensures extra security. Moreover, you can lock the driveway by adding gates or barricades and make it complicated for a thief to enter and steal the car.

You can fix a steering wheel lock car alarm along with taking car loans in Ireland. Although it involves a complicated procedure of removing panels and wires, it helps notify of an intruding activity. The best part is, a steering wheel reduces your car premiums as well.

If you are leasing a car, enquire about such features in advance from the provider.

  • Etch your car windows

Etching off windows is one of the best ways to prevent car theft. You can etch your car number on the windows, mirrors, and headlights. It thus, makes it extremely difficult for a thief to alter the appearance of the vehicle. As a result, this strategy prevents VIN cloning. Etching ensures your car is easily detected, making it challenging to pass it off as an unfamiliar vehicle.

  • Remove valuables from the car

Even when you have a secured car system, don’t store any valuable items like shopping bags, jewellery, handbags, and smartphones in the car. Even if a thief isn’t interested in the car, he might be interested in what’s inside it. Automobile insurance does not cover any stolen belongings.

If you must leave something in your car, then keep it safe in a place that is unscannable or hidden. And don’t wait until the last moment to hide your belongings, you could catch the thief’s eye. Make these arrangements in advance before driving the car.

  • Consider adding extra security covers 

Apart from installing car alarms, you can consider installing additional standardised systems like anti-lock brakes, fuel-pump disables, and ignition. Installing these features in your car reduces its vulnerability to getting stolen.

Depending on what you choose, you may be entitled to certain perks that come with automobile insurance. You just need to provide concrete installation proof. Double-check the formalities with your dealer before buying any security gear for your car.

  • Update your car’s software

If you are encountering too many car thefts in your area, it is a wise thing to research whether your car’s security model is at risk or not? If yes, then contact the car software expert and update your car’s software. It will help ensure tight security. If you are buying a new car, it is better to inquire whether it runs on updated security software.

The above-listed preventive measures can be helpful to an extent. Since a thief plays it smart, it is the ideal thing to have car insurance.

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