CDR Writing Services for Engineering Applicants

The engineers who want to migrate to Australia as skilled migrants must get assessed from Engineers Australia. It is the authorized body that analyzes the eligibility of the applicants for skilled migration.

The EA allows the applicants to apply for the immigration process through the CDR pathway. The one who doesn’t hold Australian qualifications from the countries that are full signatories of the Washington Accord, Sydney Accord, and Dublin Accord can apply for the Australian migration process with the help of the Competency Demonstration Report.

Therefore, CDR demonstrates an engineer’s skill, knowledge, competencies, and experience in their selected engineering domain. EA checks whether the applicant fits according to the competencies that are recommended by the Australian authorities. Above all, they only allow the best of engineers to work in Australia. The EA has state-certain guidelines for CDR in the Migration Skills Assessment booklet. You need to follow all the guidelines and formats from that booklet to prepare a perfect CDR report.

However, the sole purpose of writing CDR is to get a skilled immigration visa for Australia but it’s not easy to write a successful CDR report.

You shouldn’t submit low-quality CDR to Engineers Australia. It directly hampers the chances of getting a visa for Australia. Your CDR gets rejected if it doesn’t have the specified format mentioned in the MSA booklet. And if you copy from others or EA finds plagiarism in the report then it gets rejected or gets banned for a certain time period.

Documents required for Engineers Australia

  • Scan copy of identification documents
  • Recent passport size photo
  • Certificate of Educational degrees scan copies
  • Recent CV/ Resume
  • English Language Test Result
  • A copy of joining letters of the organization you have worked
  • Copy of experience letter, salary slip, promotion letter, etc.

Sections of Competency Demonstration Report

There are three sections of the CDR report. They are Career Episode, Summary Statement, and Continuing Professional Development.

1. Career Episode

You need to submit three career episodes to Engineers Australia. The three different projects on the career episode show your engineering competencies. The applicants must choose the project for episodes carefully which demonstrates their skill and knowledge. Each career episode must contain around 1000-2500 words.

2. Summary Statement

EA has set a certain indicator to mark every paragraph of the career episode. Its main purpose is to help you locate the specific paragraph that displays a specific competency element easily in your Summary Statement.

3. Continuing Professional Development

The CPD is written in a tabular manner and covers brief details. It includes the activities or tasks that you take to keep yourself updated about the developments in your engineering domain.

Moreover, you can describe the activities like training, attending seminars, writing whitepaper, etc. in the report. These activities help the EA assessors to understand your ability and growth.

Professional for CDR writing

professional cdr report writing

Is it necessary to hire a professional for CDR writing? Many of the engineers have this question on their minds.

Well, CDR writing is not an easy task that everyone can handle by themselves. The simple mistakes on CDR lead to the rejection of the report. Engineers Australia only accepts the perfect CDR report or the engineers who submit flawless reports get a positive assessment.

However, you can take professional assistance in CDR writing from a service provider like CDRWritersAustralia. We have engineering experts who can provide high-quality CDR reports in any engineering domain. Our experts provide you with a consultation about migration skills assessment and plagiarism-free CDR reports.

Expert tips to write CDR report

You need to follow the MSA booklet to write your CDR report. Here are a few tips to prepare the perfect CDR report.

  1. Before starting to write a CDR report, you must go through the MSA booklet and know the guidelines and format.
  2. You must have a good command of English and don’t make grammatical or spelling mistakes
  3. Choose the right topic or projects in career episodes to describe your engineering skills
  4. Provide evidence or proof of your employment history
  5. Each career episode must be around 1000-2500 words
  6. The applicants must use Australian English in the report
  7. The career episode must be written in active voice.
  8. Avoid copying from others, your report mustn’t contain any plagiarism
  9. Prepare one summary statement from three career episodes.
  10. Choose three distinct projects for the career episodes.


Competency Demonstration Report plays important role in getting migration skills assessment visas for Australia. So, you must prepare it carefully following the rules and format mentioned by Engineers Australia.

Finally, the engineering applicants can also take professional assistance from experts. The experts have years of experience in preparing CDR reports. If you don’t want to take risk of getting a rejection, you can hire a professional from CDRWritersAustralia and get a positive skills assessment.

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