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Ceramics Size and Motifs for Your Residential Choices

Ceramics Size and Motifs for Your Residential Choices – One of the basic parts in a dwelling, of course, there is a floor or called ceramic. Because of this, floor materials such as ceramics are one of the most important parts in a dwelling.

Not just a structural problem, the ceramic floor can also be a determinant in the success of an interior design. That’s why the size of the ceramic is the most important element so that there are no mistakes during construction.

As a residential owner, you must be more careful in the selection of ceramic parts. Because the size of the ceramic itself is very much including the available motifs. These two things can certainly affect the overall appearance of the interior. So that you are not wrong when choosing, first understand the size of the most standard ceramics. Thus you can only choose ceramic motifs based on your own tastes.

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Ceramic Size Options Generally

Ceramic has standard sizes that you can find in Indonesia in general, below are the sizes of ceramics that are generally available:

  • Small
  • size 20x20cm
  • Small30x30cm Small
  • sizesize 25x40cm Medium40x40cm Medium
  • sizesize 50x50cm
  • Large60x60cm
  • sizeExtra large80x80cm
  • sizeextra large 60x120cm

Friends need to know also that each type of ceramic with different specifications has a size with a margin that may be slightly different from the one above. In addition, each ceramic has a differentbelow:

  • thickness as shownSmall size with a thickness of 7mm
  • Standard size with a thickness of 11mm
  • Medium size with a thickness of 12mm
  • Large size with a thickness of 13mm
  • Extra large size with a thickness of 14mm

How to choose size of ceramic options the most suitable ceramic

The standard when choosing the easiest ceramic size is to adjust the size of a room where the ceramics are to be installed. So you should first have an idea related to the area of ​​​​a room so that it is easier to determine the size of the ceramic. Also apply the tips below when determining the size of a ceramic:

Adjust to the budget The

number of price variants and ceramic models sold in the market makes you have to be observant in choosing ceramics. Do you want to choose cheap but average quality ceramics or do you want to buy expensive ceramics that are according to your wishes and have good quality. The choice is yours, of course, by adjusting the budget you have.

Ceramic size

Tips for choosing the second ceramic is very important for you to do in order to get a room design that is sweet and beautiful to the eye. Adjust the color and size of the tiles you use in a particular room, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or family room.

You have to be smart to adjust the size of the floor tiles to the room of the house. You need to know, the larger the size of a tile in the room, the more spacious the room will look.


Not to forget also for color selection. If your room lacks incoming sunlight, the choice of bright colors is the best alternative, and vice versa. Tips for choosing this third ceramic you need to apply to all rooms of the house. Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and also the family room in order to get maximum results as desired.

Texture of ceramics

You need to know, ceramic floors have several models and types of glazing. Some of them such as glossy (shiny), satin, matte or textured. This is what distinguishes whether or not a tiled floor is slippery.

For bathrooms and kitchens, for example, as much as possible choose ceramics that have a rough and matte texture. The point is, so that it is not slippery when you use it for activities in the room.

Quality of ceramics

It is no less important in choosing ceramics is to check the standard designation. Floor tile, of course, must be water-resistant, stain-resistant, and must not be slippery.

You have to make sure that the selection of ceramics, especially for the use of bathrooms, kitchens, and swimming pools is not slippery because it is related to your safety at home.

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