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A weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city life is a must. And nothing works better than heading for a scenic and picturesque destination and completely unwinding and letting go of all your worries. There are many Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata, which we call Overnight Trips. You can spend quality time with friends and family, chill out, and just let go of the feelings of tension that we carry each day in our lives. In the quest to find your best weekend getaway from Kolkata, here is a list of 25 places spread over 142 kilometers near Kolkata. The most sought-after weekend getaways are 4-6 hours drive away from Kolkata. But with this list, you can easily find places 2 to 3 hours away with ample activities to keep you engaged all through the day. The best part – You can still enjoy the city life on the weekends.

Top 25 Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata:

This bucket list is prepared with the objective of providing you with an amazing variety of Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata. The list has been prepared to provide the best Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata regarding affordability, popularity, and accessibility. A lot of research work has gone behind this list so that each destination added to the bucket list looks attractive enough to visit at least once in a lifetime.

  • Roopark Village – Distance from Kolkata: 20 km, travel by train
  • Sunderbans – Distance from Kolkata: 109 km, travel by train
  • Henry’s Island – Distance from Kolkata: 130 km, travel by train
  • Bakkhali – Distance from Kolkata: 132 km, travel by train
  • Mayapur – Distance from Kolkata: 132 km, travel by train
  • Junput – Distance from Kolkata: 145 km, travel by train
  • Bishnupur – Distance from Kolkata: 151 km, travel by train
  • Shantiniketan – Distance from Kolkata: 160 km, travel by train
  • Tajpur – Distance from Kolkata: 170 km, travel by train
  • Mandarmani – Distance from Kolkata: 170 km, travel by train
  • Shankarpur – Distance from Kolkata: 185 km, travel by train
  • Talasari – Distance from Kolkata: 191 km, travel by train
  • Digha – Distance from Kolkata: 195 km, travel by train
  • Chandipur – Distance from Kolkata: 265 km, travel by train
  • Puri – Distance from Kolkata: 499 km, travel by train
  • Mongpong – Distance from Kolkata: 584 km, travel by train
  • Kurseong – Distance from Kolkata: 592 km, travel by train
  • Kalimpong – Distance from Kolkata: 620 km, travel by train
  • Lepchajagat – Distance from Kolkata: 635 km, travel by train
  • Jaldhaka – Distance from Kolkata: 645 km, travel by train
  • Lava – Distance from Kolkata: 650 km, travel by train
  • Lolegaon – Distance from Kolkata: 650 km, travel by train
  • Samsing – Distance from Kolkata: 655 km, travel by train
  • Jaldapara – Distance from Kolkata: 670 km, travel by train
  • Rishyap  – Distance from Kolkata: 721 km, travel by train

Precautions You Should Prepare Before Journey To The Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata?

A trip to Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, you need to make sure that you are well-prepared for all emergencies. Even if you are going on an off-road trip to Gadiara or any other place within or beyond Kolkata, it wouldn’t be a smart decision just to rent a vehicle. You can’t enjoy your travel if you are not healthy. So, you will need to keep things like medicines and first aid kits. You will also need to make sure that you don’t get stranded. Hence, having portable chargers is extremely important. However, don’t buy just any portable charger; buy the best one available in the market to get excellent service. Therefore, we recommend that you keep one of the items mentioned above with you; each of them would serve its purpose well and enjoy your trip to Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata. If you plan for your road trips from Kolkata, you need to get some essential travel tools. Setting off for adventures and expeditions is a great way to spend your time and even write some write-ups and stories to share with others.

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