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Small rooms and two children or more. A common situation for many families today, who live in small apartments and need effective solutions to find space in children’s bedrooms for beds co uk. Plush, games, clothes: there is never enough space!

So let’s see some useful solutions to save space and therefore keep the room tidy even when the space is not very much.

The first space-saving furniture is the beds. We must try to exploit the furniture in order to condense as many functions as possible into a small space.

Container bed

The container bed is undoubtedly one of the ideal solutions: if you have enough space, you can accommodate a bed under a bed of the same size. And if, on the other hand, the room is single or you only have a child, then in this case the container bed becomes an opportunity to store clothes, linens, games or books directly under the child’s bed. If the container bed is high enough, you can make the same space as a cupboard under it ! It goes without saying that this is a considerable space saver. There is room for a change of season, or for various containers to keep the games in order, or even for a small bookcase. In short, one of the smartest solutions ever to manage the space in the children’s room.

Loft bed

The loft bed: a version of the raised bunk bed that can accommodate a bookcase or desk area underneath. Also in this case, space saving is guaranteed. There are many different models of loft bed.

Bunk bed

The bunk bed: essential if you have two or more children in one room. It allows to occupy the minimum space and give the maximum yield. The bunk beds can be more or less large, and allow you to have much more space available to play, move and study in the bedroom. Furthermore, being leaning against a single wall, they are minimally bulky . Also in this case there are bunk beds co uk solutions integrated with wardrobes and desks, ready-made solutions to save space as much as possible.

Foldaway bed

The foldaway bed is definitely the one that allows you to save the most space ever, and the reason is clear: it folds up during the day, becoming an armchair or even a bookcase beds co uk, and at night the sleeping space is created. There are many solutions on sale for every type of need, which marry elegance and aesthetics with maximum comfort.

Stackable chairs

The stackable chairs . Maximum comfort, minimum space. They can be stacked and placed in a corner and used as needed.

Classic chests

The classic chests that contain everything from soft toys to books. In addition, many furniture companies offer space-saving solutions, modular wardrobes and so on.

Practical shelves

Practical shelves like small bookcases . A very convenient way to store school and other books: you can buy shelves to be fixed independently, so as to avoid having to buy a bookcase for which there may not be space.

Folding desks

Folding desks and pull-out desks : perfect for saving precious space! These desks can be folded or easily reinserted into the compartment, in order to recover space to play and to move around in peace. Again, the solutions proposed by the furniture industries abound. You are spoiled for choice!

Bridge wardrobe

The bridge wardrobe, or the wardrobe with sliding doors . These wardrobes are specially made to take advantage of every available space in the room and to store everything that no longer fits elsewhere. Also perfect for seasonal changes, for linen and so on.

The bridge wardrobe extends over the desk or over the beds co uk and therefore does not ‘steal’ space in the room.

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