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Chrome Door Numbers Are a Great Addition to Your Home

When you are planning to revamp your house and give it a modern touch, you should consider chrome door numbers. These door numerals give a stylish and classy touch to the front part of your house. This will complement your other decorations as well.

The chrome door numbers you choose will depend on the overall style of your house. Polished chrome provides a sleek and polished look, while matte chrome gives an antique look.

If you have chosen Chrome Door Numbers, you can install them yourself to save some bucks. Or if you want a professional touch, you can ask your local home improvement or hardware store to do the installation for you.

They will make sure that your number placement perfectly fits into your door and they will be able to install it without damages on your door. It is always important to measure your door before having anything done so that you will know how much size you need.

chrome door numbers

Bronze Or Brass Styles


Another reason why you should consider chrome door numbers is for elegance and style. If you have a modern house number set up on your front door, it will definitely add a touch of class to your house. For homeowners with modernistic taste, this is definitely a perfect addition.

You can also choose from different designs when it comes to this decorative feature. There are many designs that are available in the market so you have plenty of options. You can have a combination of round, square, rectangular or a triangular design.

Apart from giving you plenty of options for styles, chrome door numbers also come in different finishes. You can opt for a matte finish for doors. If you are looking for something that has a more antique finish to it, you can go for bronze or brass styles.

Satin chrome door handles would be perfect for houses with modernistic decor. You can also have these with a polished finish. The chrome door handles would be a perfect match to the satin finished metal parts of the house front door.

chrome door numbers

Antique Styles And Designed


Another great thing with these chrome door numbers is that there are several different styles that you can choose from. You have polished chrome door number styles, brushed chrome door handles, antique styles, chrome handles that have a polished finish, and satin nickel finish styles to choose from. There are many details that come with these decorative features.

For instance, the brushed chrome finish has details like ridges and grooves that gives it an elegant look. The antique styles are designed to have elaborate details so you can actually think that you are having an antique piece of furniture in your house.

If you want something that is simple and sleek, you can have chrome door numbers that have a matte finish to them. You can choose from chrome that is bright or have an engraved style to match your other home decoration styles.

Satin nickel styles have the same look as the brushed chrome styles but it is made from satin nickel plating. The antique styles will definitely be expensive compared to the other styles but it can be well worth every penny.

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