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There is a popular belief that Islamic clothing is never flashy. However, fashion designers in 2021 have come up with various elegant Bisht Abayas tailored with sequins, stonework or laces, each of which can be worn in different styles on different occasions. It is quite fascinating to observe how Islamic women in other parts of the world wear various yet trendy and unique attires. Bisht is the favorite attire of many women as its free width falls and flows elegantly, making the style modest, classy and most comfortable. Free sizing is one of the best things about the Bisht. Bisht style Abaya does not require bust or hip sizing due to its free width design, which allows it to fit loosely on almost every body type.

Gone are those days when Bisht was available only in black. With the evolving fashion industry, Islamic women get many designers clothing available. Modern women who always love following the contemporary trend always look for the latest bisht designs that make them look trendy and elegant. Islamic women choose the comfy Bisht Abaya and striking designs at the same time for a stylish look.

There are different types of classy bisht available these days for stylish Islamic women. Here we will list various latest designer bisht which will make you fall in love with them every time you wear them.

Colored Bisht                                                  

Today, modern Muslim women choose colored Bisht Abaya over black Abaya. If you are looking to renew your look, you should try the latest trending two-toned Bisht Abaya. Bisht Abaya split into two different colors. We have seen many of these on fashion bloggers, and they have been trending a lot for a while. The colored Bisht are great for both morning, noon or dinner look. This designer-colored bisht features an open-front cape style in crepe fabric.


Also, another trending colored Bisht is tie-dye Bisht Abaya. They are back in fashion in 2021. Tie-dye Bisht Abaya is a great one to have for casual wear. They are available in different colors and patterns. This particular blue tie-dye Bisht Abaya features 3 pieces, i.e., Bisht Abaya + Inner + Sheila.

Embroidered Bisht

Are you a fan of embroidered attire? What if we tell that Bisht are available now in embroidered style? Yes, you heard it right. The trending embroidered Bisht dress features lace (Dantel) on the front side and georgette fabric on the backside. The embroidered Bisht Abaya is adorned by traditional Palestinian fluorescent multi-colored embroidery. Ebele Bisht dress can be combined with jeans and a top to have the most elegant and stylish look. The embroidered belt is paired with this Bisht to tie around the waist to have a perfect fitting. Do you want to add this beautiful white embroidered Bisht to your wardrobe? Buy it from HeraCloset’s online store at an affordable price. The elegance of dantel fabric attracts many non-Muslim women too. Embroidered Bisht with belt is a perfect outfit for any day and night event. It is one of the best contemporary Bisht designs you can wear to any special occasion to flaunt your trendy style.

The embroidery on the shoulder adds charm to this beautiful red Bisht Abaya. Are you a woman who always tends to have a sober and classy look? Then this one is for you. The Barbie crepe fabric is the most comfortable and classy to wear. This beautiful Bisht Abaya can be combined with an elegant top and jeans. The red Bisht Abaya is not just designed keeping in mind the Islamic woman but for all the stylish women out there. The stylish Bisht features a layered pattern at the front and long sleeves. Buy the elegant red Bisht Abaya from HeraCloset to add this beauty to your closet. You can also browse various other embroidered abaya in different patterns and colors on HeraCloset online store.

Embellished Bisht

Embellished Bisht is hardly ever out of fashion. They never go off the trend. You can be at the cutting edge of the trend by wearing a classic embellished Bisht Abaya. Embellished Bisht has been in trend in fashion for a couple of years now, and they will go on to dominate the 2021 Bisht fashion trend. This beautifully embellished Bisht has a fringed pattern on the chest and comes with a self-tie belt. The embellished Bisht Abaya is made of chiffon fabric which is most comfortable and easy to wear. Do you need a modern look? Try this elegant embellished Bisht Abaya as it gives you the chic look.

Furthermore, pleated embellished Bisht Abaya was trending a lot in 2020 and will be the go-to style this year as well, as they are trendy, blond and contemporary. A pleated Bisht is the perfect style for a modern Islamic lady. A pleated Bisht will get you noticed among the crowd and keep you connected with global fashion. You cannot deny the fact that pleats are sophisticated and elegant. The cotton Abaya is the go-to attire for any special occasion. Black Bisht style Abaya is embellished with gold decoration featuring open front Abaya style. If you want the cotton pleated Bisht Abaya to be customized in your size, then contact us we will customize it for you.

Casual Bisht

Casual Bisht Abaya is the most comfortable attire to wear all day long. Do you want to try some unique casual Abaya for regular wear? Try this out. Tricolor casual Abaya features a black, nude and white geometric pattern. This organza Abaya has an open-front design, and it comes with a plain Sheila. The simple Sheila can be tied around your head to cover your head. This Bisht can give you the most perfect and decent look. Bisht never goes out of the style. Almost every Islamic woman tends to wear casual Bisht in day-to-day life.

So, these are some of the classy, comfortable bisht you must look forward to. Bisht Abayas are the most trendy and comfortable that every Muslim tend to wear. If you want to browse more designer stylish Bisht Abaya, visit our site HeraCloset and get a wide range of collections.

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