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CLATapult is India’s No. 1 Online Classes For Clat portal with 3000+ video classes from 200+ top faculty, unlimited access to training videos with high definition clarity both online and offline along with eBooks, CLAT questions with answers, current affairs and host of other features which a law aspirant looks for in a law coaching institute.

CLATapult is an initiative to help law students pass CLAT easily by our Online Classes For Clat. We have designed our approach to help students get quality insights into all the intricacies of the exam, benefit from the best faculty in Kolkata while significantly reducing preparation time.

At CLATapult, we envision spreading our wings and reaching out far and wide to provide a platform that enables us to bring together like-minded people from across the country so that they can share their experiences and learn from each other. One such way in which we aim to bring people together would be through live online classes for CLAT students. Thus, we were able to tie down experts in the industry who will help candidates prepare for the entrance examination. These experts will take time out of their busy schedules and share their knowledge with our users while interacting with them during live sessions through the website.

What Do We Provide In Online Classes For Clat?

CLATapult provides Online Classes For Clat to students for CLAT Entrance. Classes are conducted at the comfort of their homes and help them to solve their doubts. The course material includes sample papers, notes, previous year questions, study material, and a host of other learning resources. We aim to provide a platform for CLAT aspirants to undergo a well-structured preparation process. Our methodology creates a focussed approach to study law, develop time management skills and answer the plethora of questions that could come your way when you write the exam. Whatever area of law you choose, our content will help you learn, practice, and master several concepts.

Get Yourself Enrolled In Our Online Classes For Clat

Our Online Classes are best suited for law aspirants who wish to crack the exam on the first attempt. The innovative method of teaching uses sessions that are classroom-based, online, and self-study. Additionally, our course design is based on the latest CLAT syllabus offered by the National Law University (NLU) in India, which is one of the most trusted institutes for providing education in competitive exams. We have Achieved 100 percent success over our last two classes

Our goal is to guide them all through their preparation and catalyze each of their learning processes. We offer unlimited access to our online content and classes, which you can learn from anywhere that has an internet connection. One of the most unique features is the live interaction with faculty members of top law colleges.

Our faculties have been mentored by esteemed colleges such as the National Law School of India University, Kolkata, and Symbiosis Law School, Pune. Adopting a student-centric approach, our institute helps them perform to their best abilities. Our course content is based on the marking pattern and paper analysis of the last 7-8 years of CLAT papers. With CLATapult, we strive to make online education more accessible and affordable. With options such as self-paced online courses and the ability to choose your own study time, we provide you with a great way to take control of your studies. If you are thinking about law school but did not know where to begin the application process, the CLAT is here for you. The CLAT is a test that evaluates your awareness of legal education; it not only determines whether or not you qualify to apply but also shows how qualified you are for law school.

Live Interactive Sessions In Online Clat Classes

For all the live classes, interactive sessions with faculty online, Watch live Online Clat Classes on clat online institute. CLAT is a gateway to a career in law. It helps you gain admission into some of the best law schools in India. However, it is also an entrance exam that can present some challenges if you are not familiar with the format and question style. Our aim is to help you tackle this exam, and we provide Online Classes For Clat through our website for this purpose.

Join Our Online Clat Classes Today!

Join CLATapult and pass your CLAT or join our regular Online Clat Classes. We believe in sharing knowledge and forging strong relationships with every student and enabling every student to succeed. It’s all about shaping the future of law. At CLATapult, we ensure that students build a strong foundation of CLAT Law through our sample papers. Our sample papers are created based on the CLAT exam pattern. The syllabus for CLAT Law is designed in such a way that students can grasp the concepts quickly and easily. Also, because CLAT is a national law entrance examination, there are fewer states in the CLAT exam pattern which makes it easier for a student to prepare.

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