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Combat Arthritis At Home With These 5 Practices

Arthritis is one of the most common conditions for people. In simple terms, arthritis is an inflammation in the joint. Inflammation can happen from accidents, diseases, or injuries that can differ in pain level. Arthritis is also classified into types and can involve issues in cartilage and tissue. Because of its prevalence, there are various treatments and remedies when it comes to dealing with arthritis. Different food supplements for arthritis rose in popularity because of their accessibility. At the same time, therapy methods are also reliable and mainly prescribed by physicians.

Popular belief says that arthritis occurs when you start aging. In a 2018 study, it was found out that almost 50% of the elderly population suffers from arthritis. However, arthritis can happen to anyone, even the younger population. In another study, it was revealed that 60% of arthritis sufferers are from the ages 18-64

The age bracket in which arthritis occurs shows that not only the older people are the ones vulnerable to it. Adults of different ages are also susceptible to the condition and can worsen over time when left unaddressed. Although it can worsen through aging, arthritis can also become more serious when lifestyle changes are not being done to accommodate it.

So, how can arthritis be addressed in simple ways at home? Here are some to get you started:

Regular Exercise

It might be a cliche but regular exercise is key to good health. Keeping an active lifestyle regulates healthy blood flow. At the same time, it also promotes weight loss and a stronger body. Regular exercise helps in strengthening your bones and joints which is important when it comes to suffering arthritis. For many professionals, it is advisable to keep your joints moving. Overall, being physically active trains your mind and body to have great endurance.

Most importantly, regular exercise is not something that should only be done in special cases. Regardless of your age and medical condition, exercising is a good first step to attaining good health. The key to an effective exercise is to identify which types work for you and your needs. Not only does exercise help you recover from medical problems but it helps in preventing them too.

Practice Good Posture

Posture is something that you might not be mindful of on a daily basis. Similar to arthritis, you be feeling pain in random areas of your body. This can include your back, neck, arms, or even waist. You might also feel frustrated they just would not go away no matter how many massage sessions you are getting. Most often than not, the main culprit for pains in your body is having a poor posture.

If you see yourself preoccupied with daily tasks from work or school, especially if you do them for long periods of time, you might overlook your posture. Being mindful of your posture is important in making sure that your bones and joints are well-aligned and placed. By doing so, you can also avoid many other health issues associated with your bones. You can start by sitting relaxed with your back straight and making it a habit.

Stay Physically Fit

Getting regular and sufficient exercise is important in combatting arthritis. However, being fit is not limited to having an active lifestyle. You also have to maintain a healthy weight that is appropriate for your body. It was revealed in various studies that those who have a high BMI are more likely to suffer from a type of arthritis called osteoarthritis. As much as it is common, osteoarthritis is also notorious for the severe pain it can cause to sufferers.

Aside from the importance of weight management to avoid arthritis, it can also help alleviate the pain for those who have the condition. When done right and mindfully, it can help with recovery at a faster rate compared to solely relying on medications. This mainly works for overweight or obese people who suffer from arthritis. 

The extra weight that you have in your body can put pressure and stress on your joints which makes it harder for you to move. By losing weight, you can release or minimize the tension on your joints. This way, you can also be more mobile and active again.

Quit Smoking

The main cause of many life-threatening diseases is almost always the bad habits that you get used to incorporating into your lifestyle. Smoking is a common risk factor associated with many medical conditions that can severely affect your quality of life. A type of arthritis called rheumatoid arthritis or RA is an autoimmune disease that triggers inflammation which leads to pain in several parts of your body.

Ingestion of harmful substances in your body such as nicotine can worsen the effects of RA in your body. Furthermore, smoking also hinders your body to be at its best state physically. And so, exercising and becoming active might be challenging. Avoiding and/or quitting smoking can greatly benefit your mobility as well as your body’s ability to fight different kinds of diseases.

Eat Right

A healthy and balanced diet is important in having overall healthy well-being. Since arthritis is characterized by inflamed joints and cartilage, there is a variety of food options why anti-inflammatory properties. The antioxidants you can get from fruits and vegetables can help in reducing inflammation which can decrease the pain. Fatty fishes such as salmon and mackerel also work well in fighting inflammation due to their rich omega-3 fatty acids contents.

A combination of eating healthily and regular exercise will also aid in weight loss. This can be an easier and faster way for you to recover from not only arthritis symptoms but many other diseases too. If you start working on both of them today, you can enjoy a worry-free life ahead by being healthy.

Key Takeaway

Arthritis is an extremely common condition affecting millions of people worldwide. Without proper knowledge about it, you might think that just because you are young, you are free from it. Studies have shown that this is not the case. As young as you are, you are also susceptible to arthritis, especially if you have poor lifestyle practices that are far from healthy. Starting on working on what you need to do to avoid them will help escalate any serious issues in the long run.

On the other hand, if you are already suffering from arthritis, you can also easily follow these tips to combat it at home. From getting regular exercise to eating healthy, it shows that you do not need to spend money to address it. You only need discipline and will to be fit to be able to achieve a stronger and healthier body. At the end of the day, health starts with you. Helping yourself to achieve your body’s best state might be the greatest investment you can make.

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