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Common Questions for Carpet Stretching and Cleaning

There are several questions striding the mind of the customers regarding carpet cleaning and stretching. Every customer finds it’s important to decide the right time of stretching! ‘Whether it is before or after cleaning’- is the common query disturbing most homeowners. Even they are willing to know the consequences of each action. Well, let’s find the answer to your question from this blog post.

Carpet cleaning after or before carpet stretching

Stretching and cleaning of the carpet is interlinked with single common element- water. During hot water extraction, warm water is applied all over the carpet fibres to extract the dirt and dust it accumulated over time. After extraction, still you can find some amount of moisture there on the carpet.

Biggest mistake you do by considering low moisture as no moisture. Remember, every carpet equips with latex glue and backing. So, during washing when you apply hot water, it expands a bit.

Never stretch carpet while the piece is wet

Stretching the wet and hot carpet after washing triggers the risk of over stretching! While incorporating the power stretcher you can do it in the best possible way. When the carpet will dry it will contract and pull from the tacked strips on the wall.

Overstretching leads to pulling of the tacked strips, splitting the carpet seam and worsening the condition. Hence, never stretch any wet carpet to avoid the damage. You should wait a couple of days post cleaning the carpet to stretch it out to revamp its original appearance.

Always stretch the carpet prior to cleaning it

At this time you all know that stretching is not ideal to do for the wet carpet, you can find out right way to stretch and clean the carpet. The most recommended way for cleaning the carpet is after you finish the stretching. Several reasons are there to do it in a certain way.

Avoid over stretching

If you do carpet cleaning after stretching then the chances of tearing can be avoided completely. It also prevents the carpet from overstretching as well.

Do erase the wrinkles and lines of the carpet

After due course of time, carpet needs stretching for the removal of buckles and wrinkles. If not treatment, these wrinkles become permanent and more prominent over the course of time. Even its latex back will settle down in similar shape. Even after stretching, you can see the buckling and wrinkle lines to some degrees.

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction deeply cleans the fibres of the carpet, relaxing the wrinkled shape and realigning the fibres again. Post-stretching cleaning suing hot water extraction assists the caret to hide and release creases which have formed on time.

Exceptional cases when cleaning is important before stretching

So far you know the exact scenario of carpet stretching and cleaning, now it’s time to have a glimpse of a few exceptions. Certain circumstances are there in which you have to clean the carpet prior to re-stretching it.

Odour and pet urine

Often homeowners have to deal with the odour and pet urine issues at the time of carpet cleaning. If both of the treatments fail to tackle the pet and odour damage then you have to opt for serious treatments. It may include:

  • Carpet pulling
  • Removal of carpet pad
  • Sealing subfloor perfectly
  • Replacement of the existing pad with a new one
  • Cleaning of both back and top of the carpet
  • Stretching it to its original shape

During cleaning underside alongside top fibres you should clean it beforehand stretching it into its original position. You can call any reliable carpet cleaning company which has experts with great knowledge in the degree of stretching without damaging or tearing it. Based on carpet stretching scope you have to decide if it is worthy to leave the carpet to dry.

Restoration for water damage

Alike the above-mentioned pet mess situation, often water damage leads to complete replacement of the carpet pad. On the basis of the water damage, cleaning and sanitising is important for either carpet sides.

Wrapping up

Normally, carpet stretching before cleaning is ideal step for complete carpet restoration. But in many circumstances you have to take the call to reverse the revamping order. Don’t hesitate to do so at that time.

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