Cardinal Virtues are the most fundamental virtues on which all other virtues are based. The word “cardinal” taken from”Cardo,” which is the Italian word that means Cardo. “Cardo” is a reference to a hook or hinge which is used to support the door, and on the hinge that the door can be turned. The phrase “cardinal virtues” refers to an assortment of virtues which cannot be derived from one another and there are no other virtues drawn from them or proved to be the result of their particular forms. It is possible to sign up for the Ethics GS4 today. and also for with the ethics GS4

Schopenhauer believed that justice and kindness as the most important virtues. Most well-known qualities are such as ability to love, the courage to kindness, love, and temperance. Honesty, gratitude, and respect could all be derived from cardinal virtues. Christianity contains seven virtues that are considered to be cardinal. Three of them, namely faith hope, charity, and faith (love) constitute theological virtues. Four virtues , prudence , courage temperance, justice, and prudence are human virtues.

The cardinal virtue theory was developed by Plato:
  • It is believed that the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato has identified four “cardinal virtues” that are crucial to happiness. A healthy and well-being person. vital to a healthy and happy society.
  • The Cardinal Virtues of Plato: virtues that are that were emphasized by Plato comprise Courage, Wisdom Temperance, Justice, and Courage.
  1. Wisdom is the rational side that makes up our soul. It’s a universal virtue. It’s moral understanding of the obligations that are required in specific circumstances and the best way to meet these. Practical wisdom is a part of all moral actions. In a more general sense, wisdom should be distinguished by foresight diligence, prudence in taking decisions and decisiveness.
  2. Courage is the capability to overcome the fears of suffering as much as the temptation of pleasure. This is why it’s not just the overcoming of suffering that is the best. It’s doing the right thing when confronted with pain. Courage is an essential characteristic of the combat group. In broad terms it is the result of valor and courage. Valor is the active, courageous courage which propels forward and confronts the possibility of suffering and risk. So, fortitude is inflexible courage to bear the inevitable suffering and pain without hesitation. Therefore, Courage must include perseverance.

Temperance One of the virtues of Temperance is that it provides an escape from the lures of pleasure.

  1. But, it’s also self-control or self-control. It’s the ability to choose the best value and discard the lower values of the body. It’s not just the negative side effect of reducing appetite. So, This isn’t only a method of suppressing the passions and desires that the human heart desire and desires. But, also provides rational suggestions about the level that desires must be satisfied. It is a sensible moderate or harmonious combination of the ability of reason with the other human traits. This is the most desired virtue that improves the morality of the world.
  2. Justice: Justice refers the harmonious interaction between emotions, desire, and intellect using logic. The characteristics of wisdom, courage and temperance make up the top characteristics of a man. Justice is the main quality of a community. So, A fair and equitable society justice demands that the disabled man, regardless of his moral ill-behavior or insignificant he is capable of physically doing for the benefit of the community is granted an artificial leg. Justice is the concept of fairness for all people regardless of personal prejudice preference, personal preferences or even.

Therefore, The virtues are referred to as cardinal because they constitute the moral conduct of a person in the world. They are the most essential virtues. Other, virtues depend on them and are therefore placed in a lower position than them.

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