Convert JPG to PDF File by Utilising Image Converter Software

Having JPG image files in bulk and need a simple solution to store them? Well, you are in the right place, here you will get a really helpful Image Converter Tool that can convert JPG to PDF. A smart way to store multiple JPG image files into PDF.

Therefore, in this article we will discuss the smart method that is going to be so easy and effortless that even non-technical users can perform steps flexibly.

Having JPG files is not a big deal, mainly every camera saves pictures in JPG format either its android mobiles or iPhones. And in recent years people have become so craze of clicking pictures and the collection of pictures is increasing day by day.

There can be Different Reasons to Convert JPG to PDF

Storage Issue
Higher the resolution of JPG/JPEG, image file higher the size. It all depends on which mobile you are using. Camera quality also depends on what mobile you’re using, better the mobile, better the image quality, thus increase in size. And making PDF files can really be helpful when you have fewer options to store JPG files properly without losing resolution.

Send JPG Images in Bulk
Some social media sites reduce image quality while sending or receiving them such as WhatsApp, Instagram etc. And this can cause problems because nobody wants blurry JPGs. On top of that if users send JPGs in bulk the resolution reduces more. Prefer making PDF files of all JPG images.

Users can use PDF files for business meetings or school presentations, as it supports every android mobile and iPhone, as well as users, don’t have to carry any Laptop or iPad to present presentations. Or can also use a given converter tool to convert JPG to DoC/DOCX format (word).

These reasons can be main, other than these it also depends on users, “why they want to convert JPG to PDF file?”. There can be any reason or cases where people need a PDF file of images.

Let’s Talk about the Image Converter Tool

  • Convert JPG to PDF while maintaining 100% JPG images quality after adding to the PDF file.
  • Users can add 9 images in one page of the PDF file without losing resolution.
  • Users don’t need to install any other adobe editor or PDF-making application.
  • While converting PDF file(s). The software provides different options such as:
  1. Users can create PDF file for all Images
  2. Create multiple PDF for each image
  3. Users can set the Password and Restrictions.
  4. One can set Page settings: margin, page orientation, page size.
  • Destination path is given after the conversion process.
  • An Export Report is provided to view success and fail count.
  • The tool supports all heavy nature images formats such as WEBP, TGA, ICO, TIFF, Text(Base64) etc.

These are some of the benefits which users will get after converting JPG to PDF, apart from these users can use a trial version and convert at least 5 JPG and other image formats after downloading. Shortcut key functionality is available (manual is in File option given above), users can use given buttons (Remove, Remove all, Move Up, Move Down) as well as Shortcut keys to perform functions of the tool.

Steps of Using the Image Converter Tool

  • Install converter software after Downloading / Purchasing.
  • Tap on Add File / Folder to add JPG images >> tap Next option
  • View Preview of the JPGs >> hit Next option
  • Select PDF and choose any desired option from given below ribbon belt,
  • Now, fill Password as well as Restrictions (optional)
  • Set page setting for PDF file after that view Preview of the PDF file >> Convert
  • Convert JPG to PDF process is finished.

Final words

Convert JPG to PDF by using Image Converter Software which is 100% reliable and trusted. Users can also convert image to Base64 coding as well as DOCX, HTML, PDF formats. Purchase this tool to have full benefits and users can download this software in any Windows Operating System. – Thank You

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