Convert PNG File to PDF in Bulk – Trusted Method

“Convert PNG File to PDF” is a task to perform while maintaining PNG image quality properly. Many users encounter PNG image files while downloading images from the web, image attachments in emails, computer screenshots, etc. Graphics designers usually save images in PNG formats to use on websites. As well as to save Logos, icons with background transparency so that it can be placed over other images.

The issue of converting PNG to PDF is that PNG files are not secure and incapable of being locked as well as can be edited. So it can be manipulated by anyone, and this situation is faced by many companies.
On the other hand, PNG is a high resolution image, as it has risks to share on social media apps and many users face problems regarding its accessibility. The PNG file is not supported by the photos app and Windows 10.
Or there can be other business related cases where one needs to make PDF files of the PNG images to send or receive from one to another.

That is why transferring PNG file to PDF is an easy way to view PNG images and as well as store them. And converting PNG images to PDF, an easy way to send / receive PNG images in bulk without losing quality.
So basically windows 10 gives the option “Microsoft print to PDF”, but it will not secure the quality of the PNG files. And also can’t create multiple PDFs for each PNG file in a single process. So this method is particularly not that beneficial.

Use image converter Wizard to convert PNG to PDF file, the most efficient way to store PNG images into PDF file because of its multiple features. It is designed by experts to solve all image types of conversion process into 4 different formats.

Features of the Image Converter Software

  • Software gives 100% guarantee to keep original quality of the added PNG files.
  • Other than PNG, software can convert approx. all images formats into HTML, DOCX, PDF, TEXT(BASE64).
  • Software has an option in which users can add up to 9 images in a single PDF file page.
  • Wizard doesn’t require any adobe or photoshop apps.
  • Tool can make a PDF file for every added PNG file or a single PDF for each image separately..
  • Users don’t need to set PDF page size, margin, orientation differently from other apps.
  • Users can set the desired location for the PDF file.

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How to use Image Converter Software to Convert PNG file to PDF

  • Download and Install the converter software first.
  • Now, open it and add PNG files through the given ADD FILE /ADD FOLDER option then go to the next section by clicking on NEXT.
  • View your added PNG files and press on NEXT.
  • Now, select PDF and click on the given below desired option as well as fill the Password, Page settings then press on CONVERT.

So, these are the steps you need to perform and you can easily convert PNG to PDF is done. Once the process completes, software will give you the destination path that can help you to reach directly to the PDF file. Apart from these you can see the total success and failure count of the PNG file through the export report.


The given article is all about how users can convert PNG file to PDF through the best image converter tool. This software has ratings from Google, TrustPilot, Experts and also users’ satisfaction. The tool supports high quality images also such as WebP, TGA, ICON, etc. So, for a few PNG files you can download and use a demo. But for bulk, users have to purchase the tool which is not that expensive. Hope now you can convert PNG to PDF easily. – Thank You

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