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Dos & Don’ts of Putting a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Finally, decided to use a photos booth and wedding photo booth props for your wedding? Well, as wonderful as the idea is, there are certain things you must consider. There are numerous people who make use of photos booths for certain occasions and events, but fail to pay attention to the tiny details which can cause different problems.

Well, fret no more. In this article, we are going to tell you about all the dos and don’ts of the photos booth at your wedding.

Do: Make sure to leave ample space to move around

Most individuals fail to pay attention to the space and area where they will leave their photos booth at. This space is important because you wouldn’t want a specific area to be too crowded at your wedding, do you? Such a packed crowd can cause menace and chaos at your wedding and would be nothing less than distressful.

Also, because you will have many families at your wedding, it is important to keep in mind the elders. Seniors who are in wheelchairs won’t really be able to access your fun photo booth if there isn’t any space, which is another reason why you must keep an ample amount of space around your wedding photo booth, for people to easily come out, come in, and move around.

The most desirable place to put your wedding photo booth would be a little away from the dance floor, but not too far from the main event so that it can’t be noticed by your guests.

Do: Make use of a backdrop

A backdrop is essential for any photo booth. You don’t want the final pictures of your wedding photo booth to turn out blurry. This is exactly why a backdrop is imperative. You can choose to purchase a backdrop for your wedding, or even have it constructed yourself.

Also, make sure not to use transparent or vinyl as backdrops, which are usually most commonly chosen by individuals. The reason behind this is that transparent backdrops are going to show other guests lurking around in your pictures, and vinyl backdrops don’t really result in good pictures. 

Therefore, the best advice would be to go for solid colors, without any reflecting or moving elements on them.

Do: Choose the right type of photo booth

It is important to know that there are different types of photo booths out there. For instance, in most cases, you’ll have to choose between an open-air photo booth or an enclosed photo booth. 

An open-air photo booth means less privacy and space, while an enclosed photo booth is going to give privacy to the ones getting their pictures captured inside the booth. 

Furthermore, choosing a funky or spooky photo booth for your wedding would seem less appropriate, which is why you must not forget to choose an elegant and classy one, and let the photo booth renting company know the purpose of the photo booth you want to rent out for.

Don’t: forget props

Don’t make your wedding photo booth all dull and boring. Lay out props for your guests to get crazy over and have some fun! There’s a huge variety of props you can choose from, which are incredibly cheap and even easy to construct. 

Because, the professional photographer at your wedding is going to do the job of capturing formal pictures, so why not let your guests have their own fun and thrill at your wedding photo booth?

Don’t: forget an assistant

In case you can afford one, having an assistant to help out your guests with the photo booth would be a great idea. 

Small children and senior guests can have a hard time at the photo booth, especially operating the features it might have. So, this is when a helper or assistant would be most appropriate. 

This individual will also help manage all of your guests around the photo booth and will help avoid it getting too overcrowded. In most cases, you can hire an assistant from the company you rented out your wedding photo booth from.

Don’t: forget to lay out the instructions

In case you haven’t hired an operator to help your guests out at your wedding photo booth or you can’t afford one, then you must not forget to lay out the instructions yourself. 

This way, your guests can easily go about and use the photo booth themselves. Without needing any assistance or feeling anxious. 

Also, because modern photo booths have numerous other features, such as different effects, it is imperative for you to include instructions about all other features as well.

Don’t: forget refreshments near the photo booth

Your wedding photo booth is definitely going to be the center of attention (after you, of course!). So it is going to have guests waiting for their turn. Therefore, adding a small refreshment table for your guests next to the photo booth area would be a great idea.

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