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Eight Shopify Custom Checkout practices to Overcome Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is turning out into a serious concern to the eCommerce industry. Revenues worth billions are lost each year due to customers abandoning their carts while buying on online stores. Though many reasons contribute, a complex checkout process is the main culprit. Shopify custom checkout can become a solution to encounter it for stores powered by Shopify.

The industry is continuously working to find out solutions for cart abandonment. Recent studies show that Shopify custom checkout can help to overcome this problem effectively. Having a custom Shopify checkout on your store facilitates the customers to get a good buying experience. 

Today we will discuss some of the trending Shopify custom checkout practices that can benefit your business in 2022. Before we start our discussion, let’s find out the reasons that lead to excessive cart abandonment.

Reasons that lead to cart abandonment by the customers

  • Additional fees and taxes added at the time of payment
  • Forcing the users to create an account on an online store.
  • Complex and slow checkout processes on your store
  • Lack of security badges for payment gateways, shipping, and more to gain the buyer’s trust.
  • Absence of multiple and custom shipping options.
  • Absence of multiple payment options on your store.
  • Underperforming online stores with complex and slow processes.

Shopify Custom Checkout hacks to overcome the problem.


  • Making the checkout process mobile-friendly

Many Shopify stores fail to deliver a good experience on mobile devices. The checkout process that seems to be a breeze on the desktop turns into a mess for users on mobile devices. 

A custom Shopify checkout that focuses on a friendly checkout process for mobile users can help you overcome cart abandonment. More than 70% of customers will browse your store using mobile devices. If you fail to deliver a mobile-friendly checkout process, you will miss a good chunk of your revenues.

  • Enabling the Guest checkout

Most online stores make it necessary to register an account before allowing users to buy products or services they offer. Shopify stores are no exception. Though we agree that it is vital for customer retention, it may discourage one-time buyers. 

You should use the Shopify custom checkout feature to allow users to buy products as a guest. The customers can enter only an email and delivery address to place the orders. However, you can target those users by sending them promotional emails to revisit your store.

  • Multiple Payment Options

Lack of suitable payment methods can also force the users to abandon their idea of purchasing products in your store. Having multiple payment gateways can facilitate the users. It enables them to choose the preferred way to pay for the products. It can help you effectively when your store targets people from multiple countries.

  • No Surprise costs and taxes

Customers hate the surprise costs and taxes, especially when they are not aware of it from the beginning. You may have encountered a situation where additional costs add to your orders right at the last moment. These costs can be shipping costs, taxes, or other charges.

 Ensure to use the Shopify custom checkout that does not include any such surprise charges. If charges are inevitable, you can disclose them promptly. It will ensure that users don’t get shocked by seeing them at the final step.

  • Security seals and Badges

If you are using the security tools to protect your online store or custom Shopify checkout processes, you should display the security seals and badges so that customers can build trust in your store. Using these badges can become a good move as users prefer to shop only from secure stores.

  • Progress indicator for Checkout Process

The progress indicator is also emerging as an effective tool to overcome the problem of cart abandonment. By keeping the users informed by step-by-step progress, you will gain their trust by making their buying journey more convenient.

  • Notification for errors in form validation

Instead of making the customer follow the whole process again, it is better to use form validation and error notification at every stage of the checkout process. This Shopify custom checkout hack will help users to correct any mistakes on a particular step. If he has to follow the whole process again, there are significant chances that he will change his mind to shop.

  • Discount and Promo codes

Discounts and promo codes are some of the most popular ways to persuade users to purchase. You can offer a custom Shopify checkout option using which users can apply coupon codes to get discounts on their orders. It will increase the chances of a sale by the user significantly. This Shopify custom checkout hack will also contribute to a satisfactory buying experience.


Setting up an eCommerce business will require a lot of effort and money. You have to take care of even small changes to help your business grow and succeed. If you are struggling with cart abandonment issues, using the above Custom Shopify checkout hacks will help you. All popular eCommerce websites are already using these custom Shopify checkout solutions to get more sales and users for their business.

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