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Email Marketing Checklist For Black Friday

On November 26, the holiday shopping will begin. Many companies rely on this period for a large portion of their annual revenue and will soon start sending Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday emails to boost sales.

Email marketing is important because it allows your support service to be displayed immediately in front of your customers. At this time of year, buyers expect to receive a large number of special gifts in their inbox, so you need a good system to resolve the crisis and do things.

So turn your hand! It’s time to upgrade your server, increase the speed of your website, double check your checkout system, update your marketing application, and support your business perfectly. Well, now is the time to develop an email marketing plan. Here is the list of Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday email marketing.

Why Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday email campaigns so important to your business?

Considering the toughest trading time of the year, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are the perfect time to lower prices and make big bucks

Adobe’s e-commerce report shows that 2020 has seen Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday the best in history. Total online consumer spending reached $ 9 billion and $ 10.8 billion, an annual increase of 21.6 billion. % and 15.1%.

We know that during an epidemic, the business practices of consumers have changed online. According to Deloitte, this practice also seems to have a strong position in 2021, where consumers are still wary of entering the business path. More importantly, their research shows that people have saved money while sitting at home, and those conditions are very good as they are spending money in the second half of this year.

The shopping data from @InternetWithSabih is interesting. By 2020, near the onset of the disease, online retail sales in April increased significantly by 45.4%. This condition has gradually subsided and stabilized, but there are signs of continued growth.

Later in 2020, the average number of orders reached November-Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Based on the forecast, this year’s spending will set a new record, which could make online shopping on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in 2021 very popular!

Now is the time to raise your Black Friday marketing plan. The numbers speak for themselves, they increase every year. So let’s break the chasm and help you develop the highest quality email marketing for Black Friday shopping and Cyber ​​Monday trading.

When to initiate black Friday email campaigns?

Holiday shopping day is coming! To get the best results on Cyber ​​Monday or Black Friday email ads, you can start early in the morning and finish it after the weekend.

The number of emails you send depends on your plan. Black Friday has become about a week rather than a day, some retailers prefer to make full business time before Thanksgiving and stay for a while.

More importantly, global shipping has led to a huge shortage of products, so experts suggest that as consumers try to acquire more popular products, shopping will begin faster.

Similarly, you will often hear the term “cyber week” because marketers extend their Cyber ​​Monday email campaign a few days.

Hacks For Black Friday and Cyber Monday email campaigns

Focus on your contributions and follow these best practices, and include our best Black Friday email examples.

Choose special than shocking discounts

Black Friday is a big money cut. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can provide a unique feature in your email campaign. For example, supporting the people caused by each sale. Minimize your expenses and make the most of the difference. Win-win!

Or, you can give subscribers a free gift. This is a good contact during the holidays because it makes your customers feel good and grateful.

Make sure your newsletter is mobile friendly

If people can’t read your newsletter, it can kill your conversion. Be sure to send a friendly mobile newsletter as your email is acceptable and beautiful on all devices.

PracticalEcommerce reports that by 2020, 40% of Black Friday will be purchased over the phone. This is a huge piece of bread you can’t ignore!

When you create a newsletter using an email application, you will not have any problems with your feedback. Most e-mail applications will immediately detect that your email has been successfully displayed.

Customize your images and know the right placement

Black Friday emails and special Cyber ​​Monday newsletters. Your regular communication may have a design philosophy that you insist on. However, for these emails, you can (and even encourage) small changes.

For Black Friday emails, you can change the color of regular communication and create all-inclusive emails (or almost any). A mix of black, white and one or two colors is effective.

Regarding images, as we all know, these emails focus on the product or the discount being promoted. You’ll usually see a percentage reduction in a larger font, so this is the first thing readers see. Make your gift a focus, and then choose a photo that will make your business shine!

Use GIF to draw attention

Subscribers like to receive social content in their emails. It turns out that beautiful images and subtle movements can attract attention, but you can also take advantage of these benefits.

For your next Cyber Monday program or Black Friday email, try to see which part of your newsletter might be highlighted. It can be a product, a percentage reduction, or a CTA. By converting images to GIFs, you can increase the clicks and then raise the email subscription.

Use the timer to show a sense of urgency

The statistics can be used for your pop-up windows, login pages, and emails. They do a good job of showing a sense of urgency.

The customers can drag and drop blocks into their email instantly. Then all you have to do is set the date and time, and the timer will start counting down. We like timing because they make your email more interactive and quickly add to your offerings.

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