Explore Scenic Indian Railway Routes in 2022

India is geographically a large country full of beautiful sceneries and landscapes. And what binds them together is our Indian railways.

Trains sometimes take you to your workplace or sometimes to a place that releases your work stress. Traveling is something we all fall for. It is essential for refreshing your mood.

Even if you are not a travel person, beautiful sceneries keep winning your heart.

Train Traveling in India is one of the most chief and wonderful ways to travel. It gives you enough time to have a face-to-face conversation with your fellow passengers, gaze at extraordinary beauty from the windows and take e-catering services like food on the train just using your mobile phone.

Stunning Railway Route of India

The Indian Railway is spread over 62,809 kilometers, connecting Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Guwahati to Kuchh. It crosses through many beautiful sceneries which you might never get to see if you travel by car or airplane.

The Indian railways consist of broad gauge, meter gauge, and narrow gauge that takes you to the whole green place to the fascinating snow rain. These adventurous train rides are something you will never forget.

Here is the 8 Scenic Indian Railway Routes, You Can’t Afford to Miss:

  1. Kalka Shimla – Breathtaking Toy Train Rides

Travel Time: 5 hr 30 min

Distance: 96 Km

Fare: ₹145-₹300

Six Toy Trains run between Kalka to Shimla, inviting you to witness the incredible beauty of the Himalayan Mountain Range.

It is one of the most adventurous and fun rides as this train crosses through 102 tunnels, 87 bridges, and some stunning river valleys and waterfalls.

Indian Railway Routes

This railway route is included in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. It is also placed in the Guinness book of world record for offering the fastest increase in height in just 96 km.

Enjoy this interstate train ride from Haryana to the capital of Himachal Pradesh with some delicious food on train by taking E-catering services.

  1. Neral Matheran – ZigZag Route

Travel Time: 2 hr 30 min

Distance: 21 Km

Fare: ₹75- ₹300

Super exciting Neral to Matheran is a short toy train ride. The slow-moving train offers enough time to enjoy the beauty of nature. It halts at three stations: Jummapati, water pipe, and Aman Lodge before reaching Matheran.

Indian Railway Routes

The narrow gauge of Matheran railway crosses through adventurous Zig Zags, a water station, and a beautiful one kiss tunnel. The one kiss tunnel is named because of its short distance from the railway track.

The fresh air and beautiful scenery are a complete tour package for any travel enthusiast. Take an e-catering service, and delight your wonderful tour with your favorite food on the train.

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  1. New Jalpaiguri Darjeeling – A Trip to The Tea Garden

Travel Time: 7 hr 20 min

Distance: 83 Km

Fare: ₹205-₹455

Darjeeling is world-famous for its tea garden. It is heaven for the people who love greenery and mountains. The toy train rides between New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling on a narrow gauge allows you to look at the peak of Kanchenjunga.

This joyful train route climbs up and passes through Asia’s highest altitude railway station Ghoom.

New Jalpaiguri Darjeeling

The only toy train running on this route is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage. The Train Route consists of multiple beautiful scenery and breathtaking zigzags; many people come only to ride on these toy trains.

Never miss a chance to go on this amazing trip; it is guaranteed you will never regret it.

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  1. Jodhpur Jaisalmer – Incredible Dessert Ride

Travel Time: 7 hr 30 min

Distance: 299 Km

Fare: ₹110-₹760

Many of us think that the desert is not an interesting place, but it is worth visiting at least once in your life. The incredible desert offers endless sandhills to eyesight, desert wildlife, and tribes.

The train route from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer is one of the finest train rides to adore the exotic beauty of the desert.

India Railway Route

The train crosses through a dry forest and the barren Thar desert, Rajasthan. The Royal State guarantees that you will love this ride as much as you love the ride of Himalayan or Konkan Railway.

The ride can be over 7 hours long. To satiate your hunger, you can order delicious food on the train from e-catering services.

  1. Londa Vasco da Gama – Reach to The Heart of Gaon Villages

Travel Time: 5 hr

Distance: 108 Km

Fare: ₹55-₹760

A ride from Karnataka’s Londa to Goa’s Vasco da Gama takes you to the lap of nature. The train route crosses many waterfalls, mountains, dense forests, and gaon villages.

It offers varieties to explore and witness the amazing beauty of western ghats. This train ride is one of the most picturesque, just going to fill your gallery.

India Railway Route

Every beauty you see here will be worthy of capturing on your mobile phone or camera. The ride will be amazing enough that you want to come back each time.

Whenever you are on this beautiful train ride, don’t forget to water mouthwatering regional food on train from e-catering providers.

  1. Bhubaneswar Brahmapur – Blessings for The Birdwatcher

Travel Time: 2 hr 30 min

Distance: 166 Km

Fare: ₹85-₹760

The peaceful route of Bhubaneswar to Brahmapur is one of the scenic train routes. The railway track is on the shore of Chilka Lake, which is the second home for migratory birds.

One side of the exotic train route is covered with Chilka lake, and the other side is with Malyadri. Undoubtedly, this place is a paradise for bird lovers.

Indian Railway Route

A morning ride from Bhubaneswar to Brahmapur is enough to celebrate the charm of the eastern ghat. The best time to go on this tour is December to January.

If you take this amazing ride, enjoy it with the regional cuisines of Orissa. You can order desserts, regional thali, veg, and non-veg food on train with e-catering mobile apps.

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  1. Visakhapatnam Araku Valley – Ride to Coffee Estate

Travel Time: 3 hr

Distance: 130 Km

Fare: ₹145-₹710

Coffee is the love of many of us. But have you ever seen the coffee plantation? If No, then the train ride from Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley invites you.

This train route passes from the field of the coffee plantation, which not only satisfies the eyesight but also delights the whole mood.

Indian Railway Route

The train along this route crosses from one of the broadest gauge railway stations, Shimliguda.

This train ride also offers travelers to adore the beauty of eastern ghat. You can magnify your joy of this train ride with some amazing restaurant-style food on the train. You can use a website, mobile app, and call service facility to take e-catering services on train.

  1. Thiruvananthapuram Kanniakumari – Feel The Nature

Travel Time: 2 hr 30 min

Distance: 86.5 Km

Fare: ₹145-₹1175

If you love to stare at natural beauty, this train ride is just for you. The trip is full of beautiful Green Scenery, coconut trees, and a constantly changing landscape.

This short-duration train ride from two states, Kerala to Tamil Nadu, gives a great opportunity to explore the heart of south India.

Indian Railway Route

It is a blessing for those who want to learn the cultural difference between these two states. While taking this train journey, take a window seat and enjoy the beautiful scenery with delicious south Indian food.

You can order cuisines from Kerala and Tamil Nadu and other South Indian foods by taking RailRestro e-catering services.

In a Nutsell

The travel time and fare amount may change according to the Indian Railways’ rule and your train and coach type selection. These train rides are worth investing your time and money.

Are you not mesmerized by the story of scenic Indian railway routes and wish to escape to one or more of these destinations? If yes, plan a beautiful trip. RailMitra train enquiry app is a great tool for planning a hassle-free train journey.

There is nothing more delightful than a train journey with Great Indian foods. Order your food from RailRestro, an official e-catering partner of IRCTC.

From where you can order hygienic and healthy Jain food, Veg food, Non-veg food, South Indian food, North Indian food, and Regional food on the train. You can avail of the RailRestro e-catering services on more than 450 stations across India.

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