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Is Google’s External Keyword Tool Better Then a Paid Keyword Tool?

Keyword Tool is a free keyword research and competitor analysis tool that helps you find new keywords, assess your competition’s strategy, and analyze the competitiveness of your site. Keyword Tool offers an easy-to-use interface with powerful features to save time & money. It can be used as a standalone program or in conjunction with Google AdWords for more detailed tracking.

Many people will often ask me whether the keyword tool is free or no better or at least as effective with those from Word tracker, or the Samurai market; And honestly, I’m sure they don’t want to believe my response when I answer it as simple. Google’s free keyword tool is equally strong, it might be even better than paid tools for search engine optimization purposes and article marketing, and the results you get from Google’s free keyword tools will allow you to connect with the audience that pays too. Let’s discuss why I feel as if the ones provided by Google are better than being paid.

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First of all, let me explain this to you, the results of the keywords you receive from any tool, whether it’s the result of Google’s external keyword tools, or results from Word tracker or Samurai market; These results are just that, keywords. In all honesty, paid tools all collect their data from Big G, Google, based on analytical data provided by Google. So why not go directly to the source and use an external Google keyword tool, because it provides the exact same results with the options paid to provide for you. The only difference between free and paid offices is that often paid options will offer you some easy-to-read analytical data. Give you a long-tailed version version that you originally searched, without searching for your behalf. Internet marketing requires you smart, internet purification, and cost-effective; So waste your time and money for a paid tool at all not smart.

You can find the exact same long keywords with external Google keywords, they are out there!

Too many people allow keyword choices to hang it, when in reality, choosing keywords is not difficult at all. Strengthen your marketing Arsenal with important tools unreasonable to pay useless tools. When a free keyword tool provided by Google will complete work for you as efficiently for other tools on the market. We all go directly to Google while looking for something online. So why not use the number one research source on this planet for your own advantage?

In addition to tools from Google, consider adding rich affiliate universities to your Arsenal. Because they have all the tools you need to complete the free keyword tools provided by Google, such as articles and spinners, web hosting, Google Competition Analyzer , analytics and tracking software, and niche research tools. By utilizing these tools and free keyword tools provided by Google. You will go well to find the success of engine optimization.

The Keyword Tool is a free online application that provides instant access to Amazon’s database of more than 2 billion items. This tool allows you to see search volume, CPC, and competition data for virtually any keyword or group of keywords. Using this tool will help Amazon sellers make better business decisions. By providing them with valuable insight about their products’ potential demand.

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