Gojek Clone: The Golden Ticket to Start your On-Demand Multi-Services Business

App like Gojek have risen to the stature of absolute finesse and perfection only because they respect and acknowledge the importance of time-bound deliveries.b

Powerful Gojek like App offers 70 plus on-demand services online through one single platform. User has to just log in once and the app will unveil the whole universe of the on-demand industry with just a fingertip.

Why are we calling this App “The Golden Ticket” to your success?

Because it is an investment that will help you bank millions of dollars in profits in no time. This All-in-One-Services app has been intricately crafted and designed to make money for you even if you are lost in devouring your Bacon with Fried Eggs while sipping your Orange juice for morning breakfast.

Now you are wondering how it is practically possible to rake in millions of dollars through just one On-Demand Multi Services App.

There is just one special ingredient that has made this app drool-worthy across continents – Its business model. This app will offer you two lucrative and highly-effective money-making business models to make all your dreams come true.

Commission-based Business Model

The App Owner earns commission on every single order delivered or service rendered through this app. And it is the entrepreneur who enjoys the absolute authority in deciding the commission rates of different services based on their genre and demand.

  • 12 % commission on Soft Touch Car Washes

 Joyce Murphy is a 61 year old widower who lives alone in her three-bedroom apartment with her two Persian female kittens. She hasn’t used her Chevrolet Impala in weeks now and hence it’s covered in thick sheet of dust, dirt and Rock Pigeon poop.

She installs Gojek Clone App and places an order for Car Wash. Than She directs the Car Wash Mechanic Trevor to come to 440 Washington Street Apartments in Newark and asks him if he is okay with in-app wallet to wallet money transfer.

Why does YOU have to pay $37.015?

Trevor charges her total bill of $37.015 for Soft Touch Car Wash for both the interior and exterior of the Impala including waxing and wheel polishing. Joyce is a little confused and wants to understand the invoice in detail. It was Trevor who convinced her that waxing will truly rejuvenate the car.

Price break-up of the Car Wash:

Base Fare – $10 (As fixed by the App Owner)

Service Charge – $23.65 (Soft Touch Car Wash inside out + waxing + wheel


Tax levied – 10 % of the total bill = 10 % (Base Fare + Service Charge)

= 10 % ($10 + $23.65)

10 % ($33.65)

= $3.365

Total Bill = $ 33.65 + $3.365

= $ 37.015

 Car Wash Mechanic Trevor now owes 12 % of $37.015 to the App Owner = $4.4418. He immediately sends his share of commission to the App Owner using the in-app wallet.

  • 15% commission on services rendered by Delivery Genie

Joyce is a vegan and hates canned food but she knows how healthy a lifestyle her kittens MoMo and CoCo will lead if they are fed with fresh home-cooked meals with protein. She is planning to make Chicken Stew for her feline babies. She appoints a Delivery Genie to go to Seabra Foods and buy 2.5 pounds boneless chicken breast, five pounds of brown rice, 8 carrots, 14.5 ounces of Green Beans and 8 ounces of green peas.

Delivery Genie Sasha goes to the Seabra Foods’ store and clicks pictures of all the items in the grocery list and uploads it on the app for Joyce’ approval. Joyce gives a go-ahead and Sasha pays $ 86.19 to the store.

Delivery Genie now asks Joyce to pay her $116.5328 – Joyce wants to see the invoice

 2.5 Pounds of Boneless Chicken Breasts              – $22.68

5 Pounds of Happy Belly Brown Rice                    – $7

12-pieces of Locally Grown Carrots                     – $19.89

8 Ounces of Del Monte Green Peas                    – $11.88

14.5 Ounces of Del Monte Whole Green Beans – $24.74

The total bill comes out to be $86.19

Delivery Genie has added two more expenses to the list

= Delivery Charges + 12 % Tax (12 % of total bill)

$ 20 + $10.3428

= $30.3428

 Joyce pays the total bill of $116.5328 via in-app wallet. Therefore, Delivery Genie Sasha has to pay 12 % of $116.5328 to the Gojek Clone App Owner as commission. And that boils down to $13.983936.

 Subscription based business model

The App Owner has given flexibility to the Service Providers by giving them the option of choosing between two distinctive business models to run their on-demand services online through this platform.

In this model, the Service Providers can kiss goodbye to the horror of paying commission on every single service rendered. Instead they have to buy Subscriptions Plans by making a one-time payment to the Gojek Clone App Owner. The App Owner has designed Subscriptions Plans for a month, a quarter, half-yearly and even for one entire year.

It is a practical solution!

Beautician Leah has bought a three-month Subscription Plan for $285 and now she is free to render countless amounts of services to her customers via this app without the ache of giving away a portion of her earnings every single time to the Entrepreneur.

In a Nutshell

Gojek Clone App is a legit Rockstar of the on-demand service industry. It allows customers to pay in their local currency while travelling overseas. Not only this, they can also browse the contents of the App in their lingua franca.

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